In a thrilling week for Sidmouth, competitors dominated County Competitions with impressive performances, especially in the all-important Devon TopClub round.

Sidmouth’s men's team faced off against Chardstock in the first round of the Devon TopClub on Sidmouth's home turf.

The competition boasts five separate knockout style disciplines, including 2 wood singles, 4 wood singles, pairs, triples and rinks (4's), with teams required to secure a minimum of three victories to advance.

Three of Sidmouth's rinks were winning well, so it looked as if they would win anyway, but the triples and pairs were having close games, so it could have gone either way for them.

Despite that, the Sidmouth men triumphed, clinching a victory in all five disciplines.

Standout performances included Andrew Lowe who scored 16 to 5 in the 2-wood, along with Ken Wheeler and his 4-wood victory of 23 to 11.

Roger Stewart and Mike Borst narrowly edged out the competition pairs at 21 to 20.

The trio of Scott Archer, Allan Davis and Alun Brown drew a resounding 17 to 13 victory for Sidmouth in the Triples.

The rinks were no different, seeing Brian Deam, John Richards, Paul Stanton and John Mason bring in a commendable score of 21 to 11.

The team from Sidmouth is now slated to compete against Budleigh's players on Thursday evening.

In other news, the County Mixed Triples saw Sidmouth's Scott Archer, John Richards and Sue Turner securing two solid victories on the first day at Seaton.

Their good fortune, however, didn't extend to the semi-final where a team from Feniton emerged victorious from a previously evenly-matched game.

Nevertheless, the trio is hopeful for the next round, with a mindset of coming back stronger.

Sidmouth players were also in play at the County Unbadged Pairs.

Carol Timms and Sue Turner managed an advance after a round-one win.

However, Sue had to bring in Mary Meadows to replace Carol for the forthcoming battles.

Despite this change, the duo's performance remained unscathed, securing two more wins and claiming a spot in the section 3 final against a pair from Seaton.

The final will be played at Feniton, where Sue and Mary will carry the good wishes of Sidmouth with them.

Moving on to friendlier grounds, Sidmouth exuded their prowess in a mixed triples match against St Thomas Bowls Club from Exeter.

In a delightfully close game under the sun, Sidmouth managed to edge a victory by a small margin of 2 shots, sealing the score at 51 to 49.

The winning rink had Sidmouth's Brian Deam, Lynn Pike and skip Don Smith posting a successful 22 to 18 victory.

All in all, Sidmouth's bowlers demonstrated an impressive week of performances, showing a testament to their skills and sportsmanship.

Eagerly anticipating the next week, the entire Sidmouth community stands behind these sports legends.