Axminster Bowling Club won its Saturday match while Sunday's game ended in a draw, marking a mixed weekend for the bowlers.

The Saturday face-off took place at Strawberry Lane where the home club lost on all three rinks.

Despite a nail-biting finish in which two of the rinks lost on the last end, Axminster emerged victorious with an aggregate score of 65 to 54.

On Sunday, Ottery travelled over to Crediton for an enjoyable afternoon match.

Their efforts were reflected in the game's result being a draw.

An update on the regional and county competitions revealed both men's and women’s sections are advancing confidently.

The club, which hosts both friendlies and competitions, is known for its bustling Friday nights.

Interested newcomers are encouraged to join and give the game a shot.

Perhaps playing bowls is one some people have said they must give it a go, well why not tick it off your bucket list, the club states.

Starting at 6pm, these evenings offer a chance to enjoy the game in a lively atmosphere.