All change after tea

All bowlers, I am sure will agree, that on some days you bowl well and some days you are awful, and there seems to be no good reason for this.

All bowlers, I am sure will agree, that on some days you bowl well and some days you are awful, and there seems to be no good reason for this. What makes a good bowler is the consistency of his/her bowling. The professionals seen on TV practice up to three hours a day, more just prior to a tournament. Unless your name is Tallent, one doesn't have the time to spare for all that practice!There is a saying amongst the bowling fraternity that "it all changes after tea." A team can be losing badly, stop and go in for tea - and go back out on the green and make shots up to come very close or even to win the game. Well nothing showed just how true that saying was when, last Friday, Sidmouth played Budleigh at home in a six rink triples match. Sidmouth's rink of Frank Adlam, myself, and Ron Cook were 8-2 shots down after six ends, dropped an eight on the eighth end and were 16-5 down. We stopped for tea, went back out to finish the match and Budleigh managed just one more shot on the final 11 ends and Ron Cook breathed a sigh of relief as we won 20-17! How's that for a comeback?D Mountford, B Hague, J Mason won 21-13; D Holland, M Borst, C Bryant 36-4; R Tallent, N Brimson, B Boddy 26-18; B Barber, B Daniels, T Wilkins 30-7; K Bridgman, E Mills, R Seldon 20-16. 153-75 overall. Starcross came with a mixed team for the four rink match on Saturday. Sidmouth won on three rinks and lost on one. However, the scores were very close 76-73 to Sidmouth.You will notice by the names that the selectors took their lives in their own hands by picking husbands and wives to play on the same rink! P Hague, R Denning, M Borst, M Borst 20-13; F Wilson, T Constable, J Harrison, B Hague 22-21; M Daw, A Smith, D Limpus, P Wilson 20-18; J Quinn, J Quinn, W Limpus, R Cook 14-21. Last Wednesday morning at home the O60s B squad won their first eight points beating Budleigh A on both rinks: B Smith, M Borst, C Hewett 26-15; P Mison, D Lever, R Cook 17-12. In the afternoon, at home, the A squad were beaten overall 48-24 by Marina A: J Mason, C Bryant, R Seldon 14-19; A Holland, T Pritchard, P Wilson 10-29.Again at home, the C squad won overall against Crediton B but lost on one rink giving them a total of six points: M Daw, L Catford, J Richardson 18-23. Sidmouth, were holding three shots on the last end for a win, when the opposing skip came in and, with his last wood, took the jack to claim four shots; unlucky "jack" on both points. The other rink J Farmer, R Knights, B Hague 21-12 .

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