Bagwell runs well in the 2013 Exe to Axe race.

One of the Axe Vale Runners at the start of the Exe to Axe run in Exmouth on Sunday morning. Photo b

One of the Axe Vale Runners at the start of the Exe to Axe run in Exmouth on Sunday morning. Photo by Terry Ife ref mhsp 0665-15-13TI To order your copy of this photograph go to and click on myphotos24 - Credit: Archant

The Exe to Axe race along the Coastal Path between the mouths of the two rivers had a record entry of 266 this year, writes John Perratt.

Promoted by Sidmouth Running Club, it has built up something of a cult status amongst runners looking for something a bit different with participants from all corners of the country.

There are no marshals although navigating the 21-mile route can be tricky at times. The basic rule is to head eastwards and keep the sea on your right.

It is also a major fundraiser for the club and as such requires a good number of helpers and in this respect we would like to thank Corinna Stephens our intrepid back runner, the Fitzgerald family, Colin Flood, Mark Keast, Chris Woodcock, Bill Valentine, John, Penny and Caroline Ball, Jayne Drew, Milan Goc, Naomi Garrick and the Axe Valley team under Gill Day at the Branscombe water point.

As a result of their efforts the race went off smoothly and we were able to support all the runners and also monitor the dozen or so who, for a variety of reasons, were not able to complete the race

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The course had to be extended this year because of the Cliff fall on the Old Beer Road and this added about a mile to the journey.

A biting South Easterly wind ensured that runners kept on the move and there were some very tired bodies at the end.

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Because of attractions elsewhere there were just a few club runners but Shaun Bagwell turned in a quality performance finishing in 3.42.32 in 38th position.

Big Jim Pyne completed the course in 4.06.26 and it was good to see that he was joined for company on the last leg from Branscombe by Sam, his young son, who is already showing considerable promise as a cross country runner.

Andy Shearer was hot on their heels for a top 100 finish whilst Danny Painter and ‘Iron Man’ David Welsh took a more leisurely approach to the journey and consequently crossed the line still well within their comfort zone, unlike many of the others.

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