Beer Cup win at Sidmouth for Quinn, Reed, Chew and Doyle

In the last week of the Sidmouth Outdoor Bowls season all competitions were completed with outstanding results, by Ron Cook.

The Men’s Pairs was won by Maurice Watson and Bob Seldon with Tony Holland and John Mason the runners-up.

The Beer Cup was won by Janice Quinn, Elaine Reed, John Chew and John Doyle with Sheila Ingyon, Ron Denning, Zena Johnson and Brian Smith, the runners-up.

Chas Coates, Chris Rourke and Brian Smith were the Centenary Triples’ winners whilst the runners-up were Ray Tallent, Des Bridgeman and Frank Adlam.

The Mixed Pairs was won by Brenda Somerfield and Norman Brimson with Elaine Reed and Brian Smith the rfunners up and the Victory Bowl winners were Paddy Chew, Val Newnham and Laurence Tobias with the runners-up being Anita Mason, John Chew and John Mason.

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The Club Championship winner was Ray Tallent with Norman Brimson the runner-up and the Sid Hawkins trophy winner was

Derek Limpus with Chas Coates the runner-up.

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Last, but certainly not least the Men’s Umbrella winner was David Ingyon with the runner up being Ralph Brooks.

Our last two friendly matches were at home against Phear Park and a touring side from Bognor Regis. Phear Park had a comfortable win with Sidmouth managing only one winning rink.

That was Rita Daw, Bert Hague and skip Ron Cook who won 16-12 whilst Phear Park won overall by 20 shots.

The match against Bognor was seven men’s triples in which Bognor won four to Sidmouth’s two, with one rink drawn. Overall the score was 111-133 in favour of Bognor Regis.

Sadly, this was their last tour due to a shortage of players, but will be remember them so well for the marvellous rendition they sang as a tribute to bowling.

The winning rinks for Sidmouth were Ken Bridgman, Alex Bent and skip Peter Mison (13-10), and Maurice Watson, David Fairclough and skip Bob Daniels.

Our concluding match of the year was the traditional Gents v Ladies with an overall score of 126-90 in favour of the Gents.

Best winning rinks for the Ladies were Pat Ashton Pritchard, Annie England, Paddy Chew and skip Josephine Harrison (16-12), Jean Brimson, Janice Quinn and Janet Hughes (17-14), Betty Farmer, Rita Daw, Ron Denning and skip Cliff Hewett ( lending the Ladies a helping hand ) (20-19).

The winning rinks for the Gents were, Ivan Robins, John Chew, Peter Mison and skip Norman Brimson (32-14), Tony Holland, Dennis Moore, David Fairclough and skip Ron Cook (28-13) and Ray Tallent, Des Bridgeman, Alex Bent and skip John Mason (21-10).

Unfortunately, our closing drive, almost inevitably, was cancelled due to the weather which was a hat-trick for the captain Ivan, having lost the opening drive and captain’s day matches for the same reason, this past soggy summer!

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