Beer Luggers - fly’s, ointment and strong tide as Cuckoo wins the day!

The weather was very kind again for the lugger race on Monday Evening.

There was a moderate north west wind blowing over a calm sea. The only fly in the ointment was the very strong tide running up channel.

Nine boats came to the starting line. It was a blanket start with six boats crossing at the same time.

First to show was the Cuckoo and Percy Mitchell sailing westward towards the windward buoy.

Three boats tacked away easterly but that was a mistake. As they turned and tacked westward towards the mark they were struggling against the strong tide. This lost them a lot of ground.

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The Cuckoo arrived at the buoy first followed by the Percy Mitchell and third was the Puffin.

Cuckoo completed the first round of the race in fourteen minutes with the Percy Mitchell one minute later.

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By this time of the race the luggers became spread right across the bay. A lovely sight from the shore.

The Cuckoo was still in pole position after the second round of the race. The Mary has overhauled the Puffin.

As the wind was decreasing all the time the race officer Colin Westlake decided to shorten the course.

Cuckoo still held a commanding lead and had no problem in crossing the finishing line well in front of the rest.

There was some very keen racing coming up to the finishing line between the Mary and Twilight. The Twilight just crossed the line first in front of Mary with seconds to spare.

Results of the race 1. Cuckoo (G Dart); 2. Percy Mitchell (A Green); 3. Twilight (P Bagwell); 4. Mary (D Boalch); 5. Puffin (R Driver); 6. Scrumpy (G Lockyer); 7. Little Wing (D Townsend); 8. Moondance (G Pook); 9. Catherine (M Diplock). Result of the race by handicap; Puffin (R Driver).

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