Bicton Arena offering cross country schooling throughout the winter

Equestrian picture

Equestrian picture - Credit: Archant

Practise cross country this winter on the Bicton all weather surfaces. Yes, if you are equestrian inclined and are fed up with all the rain then head to Bicton Arena for some cross country schooling on the all-weather surfaces, writes Lucy Johnson.

Both the Everys and Western Counties Arenas have cross country and showjumping fences set out, with heights of 70 to 80 cm in the former and 90 to one metre in the latter.

Manager Helen West, an experienced competitor who represented Great Britain as a junior and young rider, advises that to get the most out of your sessions, work with the arena and at the level your horse is comfortable at.

She also says it's a great opportunity to practice changes in speed, using the long side to open up the canter, bringing it back before the corner so that you remain balanced before the turn.

Helen adds: "Depending on the level of your horse, and how confident you are, you can introduce questions but in a straightforward way such as practising a skinny obstacle, or getting your combination canter perfect. You can also work on linking the various fences we have here together. Remember to ride the fences from both reins.

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"With our arenas surfaces so good, you can really work on your canter establishing a good forward rhythm, and practice the different cross country canters too. Arena cross country schooling is a great opportunity to practise your techniques so that when it does to the real thing next spring you'll be filled with confidence, no matter what the terrain or the type of obstacle you'll face."

To book arena cross country schooling sessions visit the website

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