Bonanza boosted by holiday prize

SIDMOUTH played a six-rink Triples match against Madeira .

SIDMOUTH played a six-rink Triples match against Madeira which ended in defeat, 116-96.If we had finished the match at tea we would have won convincingly. However, as had been said before "it all changed after tea". B Angove, M Borst, J Mason 23-18; K Bridgman, N Brimson, C Hewett 17-20; D Bridgeman, S Hamer, B Seldon 14-22; R Tallent, R Graham, R Cook 21-20; R Denning, P Clements, C Bryant 18-17; T Constable, D Lever, B Boddy 6-19.The match finished with a rather strange outcome! Bill Boddy, a long serving bowler at the club, a past captain being one of the many caps he has worn, is notorious at being the first rink to finish in a match, so getting to the bar first. This time his rink was last to finish and no-one could remember this ever happening before!The week's O60 matches were disappointing for the A squad, who managed just two points for a winning rink at Heavitree, who won overall 27-35: A Holland, N Brimson, R Seldon won 19-12, but K Bridgman, A Brown, C Bryant went down 8-23 due in part, to a former Sidmouth bowler, Mike Smith, now playing for Heavitree! The B"squad away at ISCA drew their match - the winning rink being D Lever, R Cook, C Hewett 14-12. J White, B Daniels, B Boddy went down 15-17. The C squad at Okehampton lost overall 28-36, winning on one rink 21-11, M Daw, R Knights, J Richardson, but going down on the other 7-25, R Tallent, L Tobias, E Mills. On Friday, all matches were cancelled due to the weather.Members played the first round of the Men's Climo competition on Saturday, The weather was not good early on and the games were in some doubt until the sun broke through mid-morning and all first round matches were completed. Sunday saw a mixed team from Tiverton Borough visit on five rinks. However, due to the weather we had to play the match on the indoor rink. It turned out that we made up three rinks and played a very friendly match. No serious attempt was made to keep scores. Monday's match against Feniton was in doubt at 10.30am after a period of heavy rain during the night. If there had been a downpour lasting five minutes the greenkeeper would have called the match off, however, although the wind persisted all afternoon, the game went ahead, the sun shone quite strongly, and the game was enjoyed by all - especially Sidmouth who ran out winners 97-69.Scores: D Bridgeman, R Knights, B Daniels, C Hewett 29-20; B Barber, J White, J Mason, C Bryant 22-14; B Angove, D Mountford, P Clements, B Boddy 29-17; F Adlam, W Turner, B Hague, B Seldon 17-18. l Each year the bowling club at Sidmouth raises somewhere around �3,000 in the four hours that the club is open on the Bank Holiday Monday.Called the "Bonanza Appeal" the associations that benefit change each year. This year it has been decided to give the monies to Sidmouth Voluntary Services. In support of this, two well known holiday firms have kindly donated a four-day break in the Lake District, or in Devon. The brochure price for these breaks is approaching �300. Anyone wishing to make a bid, or wanting more information should contact Bert Hague on (01395) 514343.

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