Bowlers’ highs and lows at Lyme

A week of highs and lows best describes the efforts of the club this week, writes Paul Moffitt.

The lows must undoubtedly be the 10-0 whitewashing of both the A and B teams this week, closely followed by the 8-2 losses by the championship side and the ladies. The league sides are going to have to find some form soon or relegation is going to be staring them all in the face.

On the plus side were two very good results in the County Cup for the men and the Top Club for the ladies. The men fielding two teams away and two at home against Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, came out as 4-0 winners, a very good result considering that the Weymouth venue is very often a graveyard for our bowlers.

The ladies excelled in beating Branksome Park in Top Club. Despite drawing the disciplines 2-2, superb results from the triples and fours gave them a comfortable win on shot difference, 84-54.

A depleted men’s team were well beaten by Chardstock in the only friendly match this week.

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Dorset Ladies Div 1, Lyme 2 points, Broadstone 8: The winning rink for Lyme was J Kesterton, D Courtenay-Smith, H Dowling , C Barber, 19-16.

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Dorset Men’s Championship, Lyme 44, Greenhill 49: J Eaton, S Pomeroy, D Meylan, P Pomeroy 9-18; M Knight, A Preece, P Eagles, P Moffitt 14-15; P Stephens, E Skeemer, T Allman, C Barber 21-16.

West Dorset Men Div 1, Lyme A 45, Sherborne 62: G Broom, S Dowling, J Beadsley, M Thorner 12-24; J Irwin, J Moseley, D Wood, R Legg 17-19; B Parsons, D Perry, D Pomeroy, K Hickman 16-19.

Lyme B 45, Melcombe Regis 62: R Turpin, D Read, R Winterborne, J Belger 14-18; T Payne, B Stephens, G Clode, R Cridge 14-25; R Hobbs, N Solomon, R Moody, G Cozens 17-19.

Ladies’ Top Club - Singles: Lesley Broom 17-22; Pairs: Jan Parsons and Chris Barber 15-17; Triples: Judith Moffitt, Sue Rowe, Kathy Clissold 28-6; Fours: Helen Dowling, Jean Perry, Nola Stephens, Ann Allman 24-9.

Friendly: Lyme Men 62, Chardstock Men 98: A Lole, T Payne, C Bell, D Wood 16-21; I Forster, D Read, B Stephens, G Clode 12-25.5; K Faragher, T Coldrick, M Jones, D Perry 23-20; A Ackerley, B Smith, J Andrews, R Cridge 11-23.

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