Can Sidmouth avoid an unwanted ‘record’ at Exeter?

Josh Bess batting for Sidmouth at home to Exmouth. Ref shsp 20 19TI 4832. Picture: Terry Ife

Josh Bess batting for Sidmouth at home to Exmouth. Ref shsp 20 19TI 4832. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

Sidmouth head for Exeter tomorrow hoping to avoid an unwanted ‘first’ in terms of life their current stint in the top flight of the Tolchards League.

Josh Bess batting for Sidmouth at home to Exmouth. Ref shsp 20 19TI 4832. Picture: Terry Ife

Josh Bess batting for Sidmouth at home to Exmouth. Ref shsp 20 19TI 4832. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

Having lost a fortnight ago at home to Heathcoat and after going down last Saturday at Paignton, the Fortfield men are in grave danger of suffering a third straight league defeat for the first time since they were promoted into the top flight of the Devon Cricket League at the end of the 2007 season.

Since their first game back in the top division at the start of the 2008 campaign, Sidmouth have played a total of 203 matches. It works out at 18 a year over the past 11 campaigns, plus the five they have played so far this season.

Of those 203 matches, they have won 129, lost 37, had 10 cancelled and 15 abandoned and, when the league had 'drawn' matches, they drew 11 and had one tie. However, on just four occasions across the past 11 seasons they have lost back-to-back league games.

The first time was in 2012 when they were beaten at home by Plymouth and a week later lost at Torquay. The following season (2013), Sidmouth lost at Exeter and a week later went down at Plymouth.

Josh Bess batting for Sidmouth at home to Exmouth. Ref shsp 20 19TI 4832. Picture: Terry Ife

Josh Bess batting for Sidmouth at home to Exmouth. Ref shsp 20 19TI 4832. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

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Prior to this season, the most recent case of back-to-back defeats was in 2017 when they lost at home to Bovey Tracey and a week later were beaten at Exeter.

The one thing that has not happened to the Fortfield men over the past 11 seasons is three successive league defeats and that is the record they will have if they suffer defeat tomorrow at the County Ground, Exeter.

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Sidmouth have visited Exeter in each of the past six seasons since the County ground men were promoted to the top flight for the 2013 campaign.

That first year Exeter won and the 2014 visit was hit by rain. In 2015 and again in 2016, Sidmouth won at Exeter, but they lost in 2017 before winning there last year.

That all means that the Fortfield men head for Exeter tomorrow looking for a fourth win in five visits. However, defeat and the current team will become the first Sidmouth 1st XI in recent times to suffer three successive league defeats!

On the positive side of things it is a mark of just how succesful Sidmouth have been in recent years that they have lost only 37 of the 203 matches they have played over the past 11 seasons and their five games so far this campaign.

Since 2008, seven defeats is the most losses the Fortfield men have incurred in a single season and that came as recently as in the 2017 campaign.

There has also been one 'invincible' season - that was back in the 2009 campaign when the Fortfield men did not lose any of their 18 matches - though that year the league still had 'draws' as a potential outcome, and Sidmouth shared the spoils in four matches that season.

Sidmouth 1st XI - game-by-game in the Devon League top flight since season 2008 to present campaign (2019)


June 1 A Torquay Lost

May 25 H Heathcoat Lost

May 18 A Plymouth Won

May 11 H Exmouth Won

May 4 A Bovey Tracey Won


Sep 1 A Exmouth Won

Aug 25 H North Devon Won

Aug 18 A Bovey Tracey Won

Aug 11 H Exeter Abandoned

Aug 4 A Bradninch Lost

July 28 H Hatherleigh Won

July 21 A Heathcoat Won

July 14 H Plymouth Lost

July 7 A Sandford Won

Jun 30 H Exmouth Won

Jun 23 A North Devon Lost

Jun 16 H Bovey Tracey Won

Jun 9 A Exeter Won

Jun 2 H Bradninch Won

May 26 A Hatherleigh Lost

May 19 H Heathcoat Lost

May 12 A Plymouth Won

May 5 H Sandford Won


Sept 2 A Plymouth Lost

Aug 26 H North Devon Won

Aug 19 H Heathcoat Lost

Aug 12 A Exmouth Won

Aug 5 A Torquay Won

Jul 29 H Exeter Cancelled

Jul 22 A Bovey Tracey Lost

Jul 15 H Bradninch Won

Jul 8 A Paignton Lost

Jul 1 H Plymouth Won

Jun 24 A North Devon Won

Jun 17 A Heathcoat Won

Jun 10 H Exmouth Abandoned

Jun 3 H Torquay Won

May 27 A Exeter Lost

May 20 H Bovey Tracey Lost

May 13 A Bradninch Won

May 6 H Paignton Lost


Sep 3 H Exeter Abandoned

Aug 27 A Torquay Lost

Aug 20 A Brixham Won

Aug 13 H Plymouth Won

Aug 6 A Heathcoat Won

July 30 A Cornwood Won

Jul 23 H Exmouth Won

Jul 16 A Bovey Tracey Won

Jul 9 H North Devon Won

Jul 2 A Exeter Won

Jun 25 H Torquay Won

Jun 18 H Brixham Won

Jun 11 A Plymouth Won

Jun 4 H Heathcoat Lost

May 28 H Cornwood Won

May 21 A Exmouth Cancelled

May 14 H Bovey Tracey Won

May 7 A North Devon Lost


Aug 29 H Exeter Won

Aug 22 A North Devon Lost

Aug 15 H Plymouth Won

Aug 8 H Heathcoat Won

Aug 1 A Torquay Lost

Jul 25 H Paignton Won

Jul 18 A Exmouth Won

Jul 11 A Bovey Tracey Won

Jul 4 H Plympton Won

Jun 27 A Exeter Won

Jun 20 H North Devon Lost

Jun 13 A Plymouth Won

Jun 6 A Heathcoat Won

May 30 H Torquay Won

May 23 A Paignton Lost

May 16 H Exmouth Won

May 9 H Bovey Tracey Won

May 2 A Plympton Cancelled


Aug 30 H North Devon Lost

Aug 23 A Heathcoat Won

Aug 16 A Exmouth Lost

Aug 9 H Plymouth Won

Aug 2 A Exeter Cancelled

Jul 26 A Sandford Won

Jul 19 H Torquay Won

Jul 12 A Cornwood Won

Jul 5 H Bovey Tracey Won

Jun 28 A North Devon Won

Jun 21 H Heathcoat Won

Jun 14 H Exmouth Won

Jun 7 A Plymouth Won

May 31 H Exeter Won

May 24 H Sandford Abandoned

May 17 A Torquay Won

May 10 H Cornwood Won

May 3 A Bovey Tracey Won


Aug 31 H Budleigh Won

Aug 24 A Bovey Tracey Won

Aug 17 H Plymouth Cancelled

Aug 10 H Exeter Won

Aug 3 A North Devon Won

Jul 27 H Bradninch Abandoned

Jul 20 A Cornwood Won

Jul 13 A Exmouth Lost

Jul 6 H Torquay Won

Jun 29 A Budleigh Lost

Jun 22 H Bovey Tracey Won

Jun 15 A Plymouth Lost

Jun 8 A Exeter Lost

Jun 1 H North Devon Won

May 25 A Bradninch Won

May 18 H Cornwood Won

May 11 H Exmouth Won

May 4 A Torquay Won


Sep 1 A Exmouth Lost

Aug 25 H Heathcoat Abandoned

Aug 18 H Bradninch Won

Aug 11 A Budleigh Won

Aug 4 A Bovey Tracey Won

Jul 28 H Torquay Won

Jul 21 A Plymouth Won

Jul 14 H Sandford Cancelled

Jul 7 A North Devon Cancelled

Jun 30 H Exmouth Lost

Jun 23 A Heathcoat Won

Jun 16 A Bradninch Abandoned

Jun 9 H Budleigh Lost

Jun 2 H Bovey Tracey Won

May 26 A Torquay Lost

May 19 H Plymouth Lost

May 12 A Sandford Won

May 5 H North Devon Won


Sep 3 H Bovey Tracey Won

Aug 27 A Plymouth Drew

Aug 20 H Paignton Won

Aug 13 A Budleigh Won

Aug 6 H Exmouth Abandoned

July 30 A North Devon Drew

July 23 H Plympton Won

July 16 A Heathcoat Drew

July 9 H Bradninch Won

July 2 A Bovey Tracey Lost

June 25 H Plymouth Won

June 18 A Paignton Won

June 11 H Budleigh Lost

June 4 A Exmouth Drew

May 28 H North Devon Abandoned

May 21 A Plympton Won

May 14 H Heathcoat Won

May 7 A Bradninch Won


Aug 28 A Plympton Won

Aug 21 H Budleigh Won

Aug 14 H Paignton Won

Aug 7 A Bovey Tracey Won

July 31 A Exeter Won

July 24 H Bradninch Won

July 17 A Braunton Won

July 10 H Plymouth Won

July 3 A North Devon Drew

June 26 H Plympton Won

June 19 A Budleigh Won

June 12 A Paignton Won

June 5 H Bovey Tracey Won

May 29 H Exeter Won

May 22 A Bradninch Won

May 15 H Braunton Won

May 8 A Plymouth Drew

May 1 H North Devon Abandoned


Aug 29 H Bradninch Won

Aug 22 A Exeter Drew

Aug 15 A North Devon Won

Aug 8 H Sandford Won

Aug 1 A Bovey Tracey Won

July 25 H Plymouth Draw

July 18 A Torquay Drew

July 11 H Budleigh Abandoned

July 4 A Plympton Tied

June 27 H Exeter Won

June 20 A Bradninch Won

June 13 H North Devon Won

June 6 A Sandford Cancelled

May 30 H Bovey Tracey Drew

May 23 A Plymouth Won

May 16 H Torquay Won

May 9 H Plympton Won

May 2 A Budleigh Won


Aug 30 A Plympton Won

Aug 23 H Exeter Won

Aug 16 A Budleigh Cancelled

Aug 9 H Paignton Cancelled

Aug 2 A North Devon Won

July 26 H Sandford Lost

July 19 A Torquay Won

July 12 A Exmouth Won

July 5 H Plymouth Abandoned

June 28 A Exeter Won

June 21 H Plympton Abandoned

June 14 H Budleigh Won

June 7 A Paignton Abandoned

May 31 H North Devon Draw

May 24 A Sandford Won

May 17 H Torquay Abandoned

May 10 A Plymouth Lost

May 3 H Exmouth Won

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