Chudleigh success for Tarry

Tarry brings trophy home from Chudleigh

Last weekend we had a bit of a break from running as Saturday saw members (at least some of them) dressed in their finest at our Summer Ball held at the Sidmouth Golf Club, writes John Perrat.

A good time was had by all but as a consequence there was no enthusiasm for any racing the next day. Bev Tarry though can not go without her regular fix so took off to Chudleigh on the Friday evening for their Carnival Race.

The course was tough, the weather not so good but Bev came away with her usual smile and a trophy for the First Lady over 65. It signified a pleasant return to normality, she said, after spending the previous weekend jumping out of aeroplanes

During the week it was up to Muttersmoor again for the monthly Time Trial. This time there were more takers for the Short Course and Jacob Garrick showed how it should be done with a very good time of 15.57 that puts him in to the lead in the year to date standings with just one more to go. Franki King Keast continues to fly the flag for the girls with another solid run whilst the Ashby boys, Joe and Will, and the Roberts’ twins have their own private little battles. This time Freddy Roberts spurred on by his new running partner, Ann Langworthy, came in a worthy second.

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Claire Ashby, substituting for husband, Justin, killed off the opposition to win the longer event from scratch man, John Doherty, whilst a rejuvenated Guy Bennett came storming through the field to claim third place on the night.

In the overall standings though, Sarah Brown has quietly sneaked into first place just ahead of Becky Robson who was delighted to break her personal 30 minute barrier by 3 seconds. Gareth Horrocks, in his absence, slipped down a place in the points table but is still in contention just ahead of John Chesters.

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The idea of these handicap runs is to get everyone to more or less finish together. This gives everyone a chance to win and usually creates a mad rush to the finish line as the field bunches up towards the end.

This brings out the best in a lot of them and it is satisfying to see a gradual improvement in their times over the course of the series. This time though it was interesting to note that one of the race direction arrows was pointing in the wrong direction.

This was either because some idiot passing by had turned it round as sometimes happens or the idiot that put it up in the first place put it the wrong way round. Either way, only two out of the 36 taking part noticed it!

It added quite a bit to their times going the wrong way but they deserve credit for following instructions.

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