Cook has time to reflect

Doug Goodall was hoping to improve on his modest record since his elevation to seniors’ vice captain when he welcomed the Somerset club to Sidmouth last week, writes Terry Carter.

This time he managed to persuade Bob Reynolds to partner him, and his luck changed for the better. Playing off 14 and 24 handicap respectively they were facing Cliff Day, 14, and Graham Stone, 20, and a game keenly fought throughout went the home pair’s way 3 and 1. Goodall was “nearest the pin” on the par three 12th.

Next off were Barry Jones off 21 and John Anderson off 13, playing visitors Alan Burton and Neville Parsons. With Burton getting just two shots and his partner, like Jones, getting six, the scoring was reasonably even. However, the Sidmouth pair pulled away over the back nine, and Anderson settled matters on the par three 15th when he chipped in from around 50 yards for a 4 and 3 victory.

With the first two points going to the home side with good margins, the next game out left Goodall anticipating an even greater margin of victory. The visiting pair was Hugh Rigg, 20, and Bill Hogg, 16. Sid’s lucky pair was Mike Fisher receiving eight shots from Hogg, and Terry Blackler receiving an even more generous nine. Local knowledge will also have tipped the scales in their favour, so Goodall wasn’t surprised to hear that the winning margin was greater than expected. Unfortunately, the significant 6 and 4 win was achieved by Hogg and Rigg and earned the point for Minehead.

David Bromage was giving the shots as he and the big hitting David Roberts faced Minehead’s Steve Kaye and Graham Walsh, and it was essential that this point went to the home team.

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The visiting pair did have the advantage of only having to memorise one Christian name, leaving them to concentrate on technique. However Sidmouth’s Bromage and Roberts stayed focused throughout a tough game to win on the last.

With at the least a drawn match secured, Chris Grubb, off 15, was giving the shots all round with his partner, Paul Blay, fortunately receiving most of them. Each of Minehead’s pair was receiving three shots, but a strong 5 and 3 victory gave Grubb and Blay the win to secure the match for Sidmouth. The last point was also secured by the home side, as Alan Billingshurst and Bob Cook won by the largest margin of the day. Visiting pair Bill Cody and Paul Beck were overwhelmed and lost the game on the par five 13th for a 6 and 5 defeat. Golfers love nothing more than an hour in the clubhouse after a game in order to explain why luck had been against them, or their pure skill had overcome poor conditions. This was a particularly strong win for Billingshurst and Cook, so no surprise that Cook couldn’t wait to get back to the clubhouse and give his version of events. On reflection he will probably regret not having made sure he had brought his towel and change of clothes from his car before he got into the clubhouse showers.

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Result: Sidmouth 5 Minehead 1

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