Sidmouth members learn of the changes to the Rules of Golf

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golf generic picture - Credit: Archant

Internationally, since January 1, there has been a new and improved set of Rules of Golf implemented, designed to make it easier and quicker to play the game and easier to understand the intricacies of the game, writes Hugh Dorliac.

To ensure the membership of Sidmouth Golf Club was brought up to speed, a ‘Rules Night’ was laid on at the club.

Attended by around 60 interested members, the evening was hosted by the club’s recently appointed manager, Tim Aggett, who produced a highly informative and entertaining presentation of the changes and improvements that had been made. Rules to speed up play, such as leaving the pin in when putting without penalty and reducing the time allowed to find a lost ball, were well received and the ‘ready golf’ approach to the game, which avoided having to wait for players to find or reach their ball before playing your own, had already been adopted for several months as a sensible and welcome change. It has simplified the rules, thus demystifying them for those new and not-so-new to the game. Overall, it will make the playing of golf a quicker and hopefully more pleasant experience for all.

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