Drogo proves truly multi terrain for Sidmouth runners

Amongst the 21 runners from Sidmouth, it was a case of the new kids on the block completely blowing away the old guard at Sunday’s Colyton Fiver.

Laurence Bolam (5th) led the charge followed by terrific runs from the Grierson brothers, 15 year-old Kit (9th) and Grey (18th). Between them, Justin Ashby (11th) must have felt quite old. Zac Francis (30th) completed the rout. Terry Bewes (77th) claimed to have been held up by a tram, but looking at his time it seems more likely he fell asleep on one. There were impressive debuts from Sarah Brown (99th), Alexandra Croft (107th) and Susie Jenkin (110th).

In the Fun Run, it was those Griersons again with Florie (20th) and Dulcie (35th). The average age of the first five Sidmouth runners was just 8.6 years. Jackie Coles (78th) and Jackie Green (79th) will be pleased with their first race just after completing the beginners’ course!

In both events, and from a total field of 243, it was an impressive performance from both the younger Sidmouth element and those making their debut on the race scene, and bodes well for the club’s future.

Colyton Fiver: 5th Laurence Bolam (28.08), 9th Kit Grierson (30.12), 11th Justin Ashby (30.21), 18th Grey Grierson (32.31), 30th Zac Francis (34.28), 50th Colin Flood (38.14), 51st Jane Harmsworth (38.55), 76th Shaun Tipton (40.54), 77th Terry Bewes (41.07), 99th Sarah Brown (44.39), 107th Alexandra Croft (46.14), 110th Susie Jenkin (46.38), 117th Bill Valentine (48.36).

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Fun Run: 20th Florie Grierson (18.52), 35th Dulcie Grierson (22.17), 51st Jack Miller (23.43), 53rd William Ashby (23.44), 56th Joe Ashby (23.59), 59th John Miller (24.21), 78th Jackie Coles (28.07), 79th Jackie Green (28.08).

Drogo 10 Mile Run

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by Lesley Roberts

Last Sunday we met at my home at 8.30 am in eager anticipation at what lay ahead… the Drogo 10. Lesley Hook came to pick up me, Guy Bennett and Sarah Watkins and we headed off to Castle Drogo to take part in this ‘tough’ off road run, meeting up with other team members John Perratt, Brian Gosling, Becky Robson, John Podmore and George Chalstrey.

The Rampersads, Jon Hansford, Phil Welsford and Virginia Bell also joined us on the start line.

The course is 10 gruelling miles starting from the castle, down a narrow and long steep section and, once across the river, it winds its way through woods, tracks and paths.

At three miles you hit the first major hill, which doesn’t seem too bad at first, until you realise there are six twists and turns as you keep climbing up. With twists and turns you finally see the ‘peak’ where you are able to run normally again. The track then plunges down, parallel with the river - this is not a run for the faint-hearted. I had a quick sight of John Perratt in the distance,, and Guy Bennett was absolutely nowhere to be seen!!

A two mile flat section leads back along the River Teign and, eventually, you reach Fingle Bridge where you cross the river and the famous Hunter’s Path Hill path back to the Castle.

First Sidmouth Runner through was Guy Bennett, finishing in 1hour 15m in 46th place out of nearly 700 and he didn’t look like he’d even run!

Sidmouth results as follows : Guy Bennett 1.15; David Rampersad 1.17; Jon Hanson 1.21; Virginia Bell 1.27 ; Phil Welsford 1.30 : John Perratt 1.37; Suzanne Rampersad 1.38; George Chalstrey 1.39; Lesley Roberts 1.39; Brian Gosling 1.43; Becky Robson 1.46; Sarah Watkins 1.48; John Podmore 1.56; Lesley Hook 1.56.

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