Dutton at the double as Sidmouth and Ottery ladies bag semi-final berth

Sidmouth and Ottery 2, Plymouth University 0 The home side deservedly booked a berth in the semi-finals of the cup with a convincing all-round display.

Pre-match Jess Willy got everyone motivated by her intense warm-up and, after an encouraging

sermon from the coach Gus the team was ready to go! The game started well with lots of possession for the home team, and it didn’t take long before Sid were making lots of shots on goal from Karen Dutton and Nicky Bishop.

Plymouth were defending well and clearing the ball however the midfielders Anna Bowker and Alice Stafford were closing them down and regaining possession.

Half way through the first half Sid scored the first goal of the game from a brilliant cross ball from the right and placed nicely in the goal by Karen Dutton.

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Plymouth kept pressing putting Sid’s defence, Jess Lay and Helen Ackland under some pressure and this resulted in a short corner from which they were narrowly wide.

After the break Sid looked the stronger team from the outset controlled proceedings thanks to quick passing between Rachael Down and Maisie Pritchard whilst Emma Dalton and Annabelle Clay made progress on the flanks, offloading to the forwards which resulted in several shots on goal by Georgie Hellier and Jess Williams. The Plymouth keeper was equal to it all, but was beaten for the second time when Dutton netted here second.

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The visitors responded well and home keeper Jenni Pinnock made some smart saves to ensure her side marched on with a clean sheet success.

Anna Bowker was named Player of the Match.

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