Eagles down Toucans in Sidmouth Netball Club in Honiton League in-house derby

Sidmouth Netball Club teams Eagles and Toucans. Picture: SIDMOUTH NETBALL CLUB

Sidmouth Netball Club teams Eagles and Toucans. Picture: SIDMOUTH NETBALL CLUB - Credit: Archant

Sidmouth Netball Club have three senior teams playing in the Honiton Netball league and two of them met in a recent Honiton Netball League meeting, writes Louise Hastie.

Both Eagles and Toucans play in Division One and, what added serious spice to the in-house derby meeting was the fact that there were three mother and daughter pairs playing for opposing teams!

With the fixture being played in the half-term break, it meant reduced numbers for both teams, each of whom could only muster a bare seven, and this led to some interesting changes of position amongst both sets of players.

Prior to the game, looking at the two sides on paper, Eagles, sitting fourth, held the upper hand, but it was Toucans, in seventh place, who made the sharper start using their greater experience to good effect, However, Eagles grew into the contest and, at the end of the first quarter the score was level at 5-5.

It was the work of Sandra Parnell and Sarah Fletcher; the pair keeping the Eagles' shooters at arm's length, dominating the defensive D and dictating play.

The second quarter saw some changes of position for the Eagles which they hoped would lead to a greater attacking threat, but Toucans stood up to the challenge and were able to match the younger opposition to such a degree that half-time arrived with the score still even, now at 11-11.

The second half saw the Eagles begin to show their superior fitness and, with Hannah Darlami and Alice Welland in impressive form in the midcourt area where the pair showed quick feet and good awareness and this all began to take its toll on the Toucans defensive efforts. It was during the third quarter that the began to get on top.

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The Eagles, with Emily Rich sparkling at goal attack and the superior height of Danni Walters and Jess Truman in the defensive end ensured their was no way back for Toucans who, to be fair, did not concede at any stage and, with Anna Rowson in fine for, took the fight to Eagles through to the final whistle which was blown to end a contest that Eagles won 24-16 to bank three points while battling Toucans richly deserved the point they banked for their gioal scoring efforts.