Earlam hopes to make it marathon 18

today is World Alzheimer’s Day and Brace Alzheimer’s Charity fundraiser Jo Earlam is in the middle of the four marathons in four days Barrow Challenge as she bids to run 50 marathons before she turns 50.

Earlam, from Tipton, has just completed the Medoc Marathon in France - her fourth this year - which traditionally is run in fancy dress with runners drinking wine as they run through vineyards.

Earlam chose water over wine as it was over 30 degrees C and she had her sights set on the Barrow Challenge and today she will be setting out on her third marathon with one more to go tomorrow, Saturday.

She said: “They advertise the Medoc Marathon as oysters, steak, cheese and ice-cream whereas Barrow advertises hot showers and good loos!”

“The Medoc Marathon was fantastic. Most people do it in fancy dress and you run through more than 30 stunning chateaux and beautiful vineyards and get to drink wine all the way round, if you wish. It was more than 30c degrees and full sun, so water was all I wanted, but I did have one sip at 23 miles, just to join in the spirit.

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“Some people were drinking from the first kilometre. It’s nicknamed the longest marathon in the world because people end up staggering around so much come the end. They also feed you oysters, steak, cheese and ice-cream in the final three miles and have a huge party at the finish. I had some ice-cream but all I really wanted at the finish was shade and a cup of tea. I made it round in 5 hours, 12 minutes. I was pacing myself because of the four in four days Barrow Challenge, where the selling point is good loos and hot showers, not quite as exotic as steak and wine, but more practical.

I’ve never done anything like the Barrow before, so have no idea how it will go, but assuming I complete it, that will take me to 18 marathons, so a bit closer to my 50 target.

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The BRACE alzheimer’s charity, which I’m running for, asked me to write an article for their autumn newsletter, which has just come out, which explains a bit more about why I’m doing this.....

You can read Jo’s story on http://www.alzheimers-brace.org/news/autumn-newsletter-published

If you want to contribute to Jo’s fund raising please go to www.justgiving.com/Jo-EarlamBRACE

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