Fleet footed at Tipton's rail and river run

A good crowd from the club turned up to the Otter Valley Rail and River Run last Saturday.

A good crowd from the club turned up to the Otter Valley Rail and River Run last Saturday.

There would have been more but for one young lady who arrived and started to change into her off road shoes, only to discover that they were both for the right foot! Everyone else enjoyed the run which provided a great variety of terrain in perfect running conditions.

All the regulars were there, but it was nice to see so many others supporting a local run. Jess Watkins stamped her mark on the race, taking the prize for the first lady and, although Mark Keast was the first Sidmouth man to finish, he has long given up any thoughts of beating her again. He was, however, chased all the way by Adrian Organ and Ian Robson. Those we haven't seen for some time included Paul Mitchell, Neil Rutter and Carol Goddard, all of whom seem to have lost a little bit of speed in the meantime ,whilst prospective member Ben Procter had a good run, finishing in the top half of the field just ahead of Neil. Another group just behind them was made up of Tess and Jed Stone, Ellen Hunt, Ashley Broughton, John Podmore and Richard Hedger, leading us to think that perhaps this was more of a social occasion.

Lesley Roberts and Becky Robson wisely kept a safe distance behind them. Sue Cunningham put in a welcome appearance as did Steve Madeley and Miranda Hansford. The full results for the club's local runners are given below.

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The 2 1/2 mile Fun Run was also well supported with a few mums and dads being shown the way by their offspring. No official times were recorded but Stephen Moss piled on the pressure to lead the field home. A bit further back there was a fierce battle between Sam Tipton, Joe Cox and Jake Garrick, followed by others too numerous to mention.

Tipton Results: 8, Jess Watkins 43.66; 13, Mark Keast 44.59; 17, Adrian Organ 45.23; 18. Ian Robson 46.25; 23, Colin Flood 48.35; 25, Paul Mitchell 48.55; 27, Phil Welsford 49.13; 35, Shaun Tipton 50.04; 42, Bill Valentine 51.20; 43, Andy Concannon 51.38;

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54, Ben Procter 53.24; 59, Tess Stone 54.15; 60, Jed Stone 54.17; 61, Ellen Hunt 54.24; 62, Ashley Broughton 54.38; 64, John Podmore 54.46; Richard Hedger 55.02; 68, Lesley Roberts 55.44; 69, Becky Robson 55.47; 80, Steve Madeley 58.46; 82, Sarah Watkins 59.32; 85, Alan Hemsworth 60.26; 95, Miranda Hansford 61.32; 104, Carol Goddard 65.20; 112, Sue Cunningham 68.52.

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