Fluxton off to a winning start in new Fresha League campiagn

Dolton are on the lookout for new players

Dolton are on the lookout for new players - Credit: Archant

East Budleigh 0 -2 Fluxton A beefy squad of 14 listened in awed silence as the first competitive XI of the season was reeled off by Sercombe Sr, one of three helmsmen this year, writes Alex Paget.

There was no Butcher or Diego, no Rapps and no Pagets!

Four new signings pulled on the revered green for the first time, the socks had a lenor-like softness and glided seamlessly over the ankle, and there was a pre-match warm-up in excess of five minutes but, otherwise, it was the same Fluxton; unflinching in the tackle, fair to officials, playing for the team and playing to win.

Last season’s denouement saw eight consecutive opponents bite the dust and now the winning sequence has begun again.

Whilst not yet completely flowing, the side was solid. On the odd occasion it wasn’t, Mr Pink was utterly impeccable. There weren’t many chances for either side early on although Ferrett had one good opportunity from the edge of the area after being released by Wilson. Centre backs Santer Jr and Ashman boast 12 feet and eight inches between them and were also quicker than anyone up front for Budleigh.

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Dogger et al were living off scraps. With five minutes remaining in the first period, the pair combined for the opener following an uncleared corner. Ashman feigned unconsciousness, rendering the Budders defence motionless, and Santer squirted the pinball home, under the collapsing beanpole keeper. With the Flux now in chartered territory, Howe and Dorey exchanged passes to release Santer Sr to finish what was the best passing move of the game as Fluxton were briefly rampant.

The second half was fairly uneventful. Some sensational offside decisions and nuanced throw-in direction calling apart, only Santer Sr seriously quickened the pulse, flashing a shot past the far post. Croft came on and found some space and Ferrett continued to show a touch and vision that earned a share of the Man of the Match award with the team-leading Howe. With some big players from last season to return and new signing Graham Hughes waiting in the wings in two weeks’ time, Fluxton look strong.

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Fluxton team: M Sercombe, C Sercombe, R Ashman, E Santer, W Boyd (B Croft 69), M Williams, S Howe, T Dorey, J Ashley, J Santer ( L Guppy 76), J Ferett

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