How would you end the football season?

Misc sport. Ref exsp 37 18TI 0745. Picture: Terry Ife

Misc sport. Ref exsp 37 18TI 0745. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

We want to know how you would end the football season.

With the future of the local and professional football season currently up in the air, we are handing the choice over to you. How would you end the football season? Here’s a breif explanation of your choices.

1.) Season is made void

This option would mean the 2019/20 season would be erased from the record books. No team would win the title, no team would be promoted and no team would be relegated.

2.) End the season as is

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Take all the league tables as they are now and count them as final league tables. Teams at the top will win the league and gain promotion while teams at the bottom will be playing their football in a lower division next year.

3.) Work out the average points per game and make a final table from that

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As not every team has played the same amount of games, one option would be to work out the average number of points teams have picked up per game and then work out a table from that

4.) Finish the season whenever possible

Would you look to find a gap in the calendar so the season can be played even if it means delaying the next campaign?

As well as the local league, we’re asking what you would do with the professional game so vote now.

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