Former Ottery St Mary boss ready for a new challenge


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Former Ottery St Mary manager Dave Fairweather is itching to get back into the game and, once lockdown is over, any clubs looking for a very genuine football man to get involved with their club would do an awful lot worse than give Dave a call, writes Steve Birley

Since leaving the Ottery managers hotseat at the turn of the year, Fairweather has not been involved in the game.

Understandably, after a long spell with one club, he was keen to ‘recharge his batteries’, but now that is done and he is looking for the next challenge.

He says: “It was a tough decision to leave Ottery and I must confess that I did spend the first few weeks wondering if I had truly done ‘the right thing’. However, I did eventually come to the conclusion that we, the club and I, had probably gone as far as we could and, while both the club and I are fiercely ambitious about where we want to get in the game, perhaps we had reached across roads were we saw ‘different’ routes further up the game!”

Fairweather was fiercely loyal to the Ottery cause, and that probably played a part in why he did not immediately look for another position in the game.

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He says: “In the weeks that followed my decision to leave I did not want to commit to other clubs as I really felt very strongly that I did not want to damage that great spirit they have at Washbrook Meadow [the home of Ottery St Mary FC]

“What I mean by that is that I did not feel comfortable suddenly ‘popping up’ at another club, almost being seen to be ‘disloyal’ to both my players and the club. “That’s changed now for the Otters have got a new man at the helm and I am sure Billy [new Ottery boss Billy Rouse] will do a great job and take the club to where it wants to be.”

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He continued: “In a strange way, the new appointment at Ottery has effectively ‘cleared my mind’ and I can now comfortably look for a new challenge which is something I am very keen to find.”

As to his philosophy of the game, Fairweather says: “My views on football are quite simple. I know there are a few exceptions, but players play the game for enjoyment and spectators watch to be entertained. There is only one way to win the game - score more than your opponents.

“I want my teams to control the game with and without the ball. There are two things I demand from my players, bravery and intensity.”

He continued: “I’m extremely ambitious and my aim is to be involved in football at the highest level possible, but I also understand that opportunities are earned!

“In terms of my next club I don’t want to limit myself by insisting on a particular level (I’d happily be involved with DEFL side if the club was the right one) or location (nearer to Exeter the better, but I’d consider travelling further afield for the right club), it is about finding a club that has similar aspirations to me.”

So, would he be happy working as a number-two? He is quick to reply: “Of course, I’d happily work under someone if I felt that I could learn from them.

“What I’m looking for is a club that has/wants to make a long-term plan for sustainable success. We all want success in the short term, but that has to form part of a long-term vision.

“I think for that to be a reality a club’s youth and adult sections have to work closely together.”

For clubs who would like to speak with Dave, his contact number is 07791 774706.

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