Fourth for Graham Hill

Despite the awful weather last Saturday, 235 runners turned up the next day for the Michelmores sponsored Festival 10k Run - and their faith in the weather forecast was justified by near perfect running conditions.

Despite the awful weather last Saturday, 235 runners turned up the next day for the Michelmores' sponsored Festival 10k Run - and their faith in the weather forecast was justified by near perfect running conditions.

The overnight rain had made the multi-terrain course a bit slippery but this did not prevent a very fast time of 40.07 by the winner, 22-year-old Ashley Humphreys, from Torbay.

A large contingent from Overton Harriers arrived in an effort to retain their Men's Team Trophy but they were thwarted by a determined host club who pulled out all the stops to send them back to Hampshire empty-handed.

Graham Hill led the team home, finishing in fourth place overall and picking up once again the Shield for the first Local Male.

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He was well supported by Goc Milan, Malcolm Bayer and David Palmer.

Milan has coped well with the hills since moving here but got carried away, quite literally, in a sprint down the hill to the finish, ending up in a sprawled heap a few metres short of the line.

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At least he only had to pick himself up and walk a few steps to take 11th place whereas Malcolm slipped into a ditch at less than halfway.

He did well to recover and pick up the first Male 50 award and 17th place. David completed the four-man team and managed to stay on his feet all the way round.

Another casualty was Rob Cann who also came a cropper.

Probably unwisely - in view of his walking holiday to Austria this coming week - he carried on, had the ignominy of being overtaken by his wife and finishing outside the hour.

He has this week to reflect on his decision and admire his swollen ankle.

Paul Mitchell must be getting in some training on the quiet. We have noticed his consistent improvement in our monthly time trials and our suspicions were confirmed with his time on Sunday.

Debbie Marriott repeated her victory of a few years back by going home with the Local Lady Shield, but the prizes for the 'Engraver' cups for 'King' and 'Queen of the Peak', together with their winning custom tee shirts, went out of the Valley. In particular the Michelmores Cup for the first ladies' team went to Honiton.

There was no award for originality but George Chalstrey added a new dimension to the race by running it twice.

Once by himself as a warm-up in the early hours and then lining up with the rest of them at the start proper shortly after finishing his first lap.

Chris Long, the club chairman, has over the last four or five years donated crystalware in recognition of outstanding performances by a club member. This year the recipient was Sue Cunningham, a fairly new member but not, by her own admission, in the first flush of youth.

As such, she typifies the spirit of the club and there must be many out there who could reap the same pleasure as she does simply by coming along to the club and finding out what it's all about.

An innovation this year was the introduction of a Fun Run for the kids consisting of a dash from the start of the 10k race at the foot of the Cliff Fields up to the top.

The Hair Temple donated floating trophies for the Prince and Princess of the Peak and sweets for all the other entrants.

The trophies are not awarded to the first boy and girl, because of age differences, but on effort.

The event was great fun and nicely filled in that wait between the start of the 10k and their return.

Organisers intend to keep it as a regular feature of the race and, although the trophies also left town, we have done our bit for local tourism by ensuring that they return again next year - as we suspect will most of the other runners.

The race would not, of course, be possible without the assistance of a large army of helpers and we are very grateful to all of them.

There is also a good selection of photographs of the race on our website

Times with positions in brackets for the army of local runners are as follows:

Graham Hill (4) 41.05; Milan Goc (11) 42.45; Malcolm Bayer (17) 44.19; David Palmer (33) 48.46; Bob Minting (54) 51.42; Paul Mitchell (58) 52.37; Nigel de Sousa (59) 52.39; George Chalstrey (69) 53.07; Adrian Organ (70) 53.08; Rob Dunford (89) 54.53; Andy Shearer (94) 55.34; Ian Robson (95) 55.46; Colin Flood (99) 56.20; Philip Welsford (110) 58.29; Debbie Marriott (112) 58.37; Don Cawthera (113) 58.38; Karen Cann (118) 59.21; Paul West (123) 59.31; Sean Limbrick (59.48); Jackie Newman (134) 1.00.46; Rob Cann (138) 1.01.11; Damon Fitzgerald (140) 1.01.26; Neil Hanson (141) 1.01.32; John Chesters (146) 1.02.12; Richard Hedger (157) 1.03.10; Chris Robinson (161) 1.03.44; Anthony Pink (163) 1.04.30; Becky Robson (164) 1.04.34; Jane Hemsworth (165) 1.04.36; John Podmore (167) 1.05.35; Brian Gosling (171) 1.06.56; David Hedges (177) 1.08.33; Nick Hutchins (180) 1.09.08; Caroline Pyne (181); Bev Tarry (183) 1.09.11; Andy Concannon (190) 1.10.54; Helen Palmer (197) 1.13.03; Sue Cunningham (206 (1.19.11; Ruth Chesters (211) 1.21.29; Sarag Pearman (217) 1.30.05.

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