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Devon Masonic paid Sidmouth a visit and played in a three-rink mixed friendly.

Devon Masonic paid Sidmouth a visit and played in a three-rink mixed friendly. Sidmouth won overall 69-35: A Andrews, D Pound, B Sparkes, W Turner (skip) 19-14; R Tallent, P Norvil, B Hague, K Valentine (skip) 25-5; S Mison, S Rose, P Norvil, R Seldon (skip) 25-16. It needs to be recorded that the majority of the Devon Masonic bowlers do not bowl on a regular basis for any club, so had some difficulty initially in finding the correct weight etc. Sidmouth entertained Exonia in a three-rink mixed friendly. As always, Exonia fielded three competitive rinks and won overall by 14 shots. P Hague, M Daw, J Fricker, B Turner (skip) 16-20; R Daw, D Mountford, C Turner, E Mills (skip) 16-21; I Rogers, W Clark, B Hague, T Wilkins (skip) 12-17. All three home rinks gradually fell behind during the first 10 ends, however, after tea the home teams rallied and went ahead for a short time. Unfortunately, in the space of three ends, Exonia had caught up and eventually went ahead. I often think at the end of a game, that we haven't actually lost, simply run out of time!On Sunday, Sidmouth travelled to Torbay to play in a four rink mixed friendly where they unfortunately lost on all rinks. The overall score was 54-80. Sidmouth's best rink consisted of B Casson, M White, Peter Norvil and D Lever (skip). I think perhaps Sidmouth were suffering from home sickness!l Club member John Mason has worked extremely hard recently to set up a club website. The easiest way to find it, I feel, is to go to, 'Exeter beehive' and click on the sports and then bowls links. The site is comprehensive and has photographs, club reports, a home page showing subscriptions and even match selections. Members selected for games can let the captain know that they have seen their names by ticking the appropriate box. I am sure that, eventually, we will be able to play virtual bowls on the computer and not have to come to the club at all! I do realise that at the moment the website will appeal to only a minority at the club but, in time, and as more members become computer literate, this site will prove invaluable. Thank you John.SIDMOUTH members Mike Daw, Jenny Fricker, Pat Hague, watching Rita Daw bowl for Sidmouth against Exonia last Saturday.

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