Hardy offroaders not put off by dark

Wednesday saw the third of the winter off-road night runs.

Wednesday saw the third of the winter 'off-road' night runs. These are in addition to the normal club runs through the town. The 'off-roaders' are increasing each month. Having begun with just nine, this week there were 12 and we know of others who were not able to make it but would have come. Safety is of course a very important aspect and so head torches and high visibility jackets are obligatory and care is taken to keep in contact at all times.There were three on the 'short' and nine on the 'long' and covered between four and six miles. Ben and Debbie led the 'longs' and David Hedges led the 'shorts'. Debbie was very proud of the fact that she did not lose any of her group. We decided to put her name down for a Level 1 coach's course, she's a natural!The group had the photo taken at the Frogstone, overlooking Salcombe Mouth. With the full moon reflecting on the calm seas the views were spectacular. We could see to Beer Head and on to Portland Bill and to Brixham and beyond.We all ran as a group, out to enjoy ourselves, further demonstrated by everyone doubling back when needed, even up steep hills, and still with smiles on their faces! Roll on the second Wednesday of next month.l Tomorrow sees more off road action though this time it is during daylight. There still seems to be a lot of mud around so the Santas and fairies that turn up for the Reindeer Run in Otterton are likely to be quite soggy at the end of it. Never mind, the mulled wine and mince pies waiting at the finish will more than compensate. The 3k and the 10k runs will both start at 10am sharp and late entries will be accepted right up to the starting time. Race HQ is at Otterton Church.

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