Hat-trick of cup match victories for the Sidmouth U18s Girls

Breaking through the tackles

Breaking through the tackles - Credit: IG-@_fraser73

Sidmouth Under-18s Girls Rugby ended 2021 with a superb hat-trick of victories, culminating in a 41-10 triumph over Cullompton in the second round of the Devon Cup.  

The starting line-up included front row Maddy Robinson, Annabelle Bird, Amber Spence, second row Amelia Brown, Ellie Wood, Esme Bagwell, flankers Ellie Monro-Higgs, Daisy Grove, and at 8 Cleo Turley. In the backs our half backs: Minty May, Lucy Tanner, centres Rosie Tidball, Fiona Wilson, Aimee Simpson, wings Bella Breen, Charlotte Starr, Tilly Gravelle, and full back Abigail Alner.   

In the first half, Rosie Tidball broke through to score the first try and a real boost of confidence for our girls 5-0. Lucy Tanner with a determined run taking several Cullompton girls with her scored the next try and Minty converted 12-0.  

Cullompton were not in the mood to give up and scored the next try 12-5. At this point the match was in the balance and Sidmouth responded well seeing Rosie Tidball break free making a distant run to score the next try converted by Minty 19-5. Cullompton dialled up the pressure and managed to score another try to end the first half 19-10.  

From the start of the second half the Sidmouth girls took control of the match and played their rugby with great skill and accuracy; the ball found its way to Rosie who once again was able to break free and score a great try 24-10. Next try came to Charlotte with a machine gun run down the wing leaving everyone in her dust 29-10.  

Esme was next to get hold of the ball and with dancer like dexterity changed direction to speed her way through a carefully crafted gap to break free through the defending Cullompton players and set herself up for a reasonable option to score a try instead choosing to make a clever pass out wide for Rosie to score the next try with ease and Minty once again converting 36-10. In the final seconds of the match, Rosie once again scored for her 5th try.  

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Kicking off the tee

Kicking off the tee - Credit: IG-@_fraser73

Full commitment from both sides

Full commitment from both sides - Credit: IG-@_fraser73

Sidmouth girls v Cullompton

Sidmouth girls v Cullompton - Credit: IG-@_fraser73

Sidmouth progress in the Devon Cup

Sidmouth progress in the Devon Cup - Credit: IG-@_fraser73