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Do you love Eventing and care about how it is run?

Do you love Eventing and care about how it is run? Are you passionate about your sport and want to see it flourish? Do you have opinions on Eventing issues? If the answer is yes, and you are an Event rider, Organiser, Volunteer, Owner or Official, then BE needs you to join its Sounding Board group!

Set up at the end of last year to look at specific communications issues such as the Magazine and website, the role of the volunteer group has broadened to include views on sport issues. The email group consists of just over 50 members, most of whom are riders who compete from BE80 - International level, as well as owners and officials.

"We have found the opinions of this group to be invaluable," says BE PR Manager, Liza Randall. "They are so passionate about the sport that whatever we ask, they email back instantaneously with their opinions, thoughts and suggestions.

"The Sounding Board have already helped BE mould decisions on important issues such as the look, feel and content of the new BE Magazine, and more recently have previewed and fed back ideas on the new website. Members have also helped us with vital sport issues by firming-up policies on abandonment, prize-giving and insurance.

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"We would now like to expand the group and include Organisers, Officials and Volunteers, as well as more riders."

To join the group, simply send your name and contact email, mentioning in what part of the sport you are involved, to liza.randall@britisheventing.com

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