Home cups reach crucial stages at Sidmouth

IT WAS A mixed week weather-wise for bowling. Unfortunately, the two friendly matches were on the bad days!

IT WAS A mixed week weather-wise for bowling. Unfortunately, the two friendly matches were on the bad days!

The week started with a home match against Madeira which was to be six rinks of triples. The afternoon began dull and breezy, but the match started and over the six rinks there was some very good play. Towards the 10th end the rain started and the ladies were grateful for an early tea break, hopeful that they would be able to continue. However, the rain didn't ease and the decision was taken by the two captains to abandon the game.

Later in the week, the ladies set off for Seaton to play a four-rink match. Again, the weather was against them and the match was disappointingly cancelled before play started.

One of the bright days was for the weekly 'umbrella', a competition run throughout the season. It was a beautiful sunny, warm day, so unlike the other two days. The ladies thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon and comments like 'this is what it's all about' echoed around the green!

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This week saw the start of the Grace Porter in-house competition, with the first round in the morning, followed by the second round after lunch.

The day was ideal for bowling and some exciting, competitive play took place.

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Most of the competitions are now approaching the semi-final stage and excitement is building up for Finals Day, which is to be held at the beginning of September.

THERE WAS A six point win to the over-60s A squad at home against Exonia B, winning overall and losing on one rink winning by just one shot: K Bridgman, A Brown, P Wilson 20-11; T Pritchard, N Brimson, R Seldon 15-23.

The B squad had just one point from their game against Exonia A at home, drawing on one rink: J White, M Borst, B Daniels 17-17; B Smith, P Mison, B Boddy 17-26.

The C squad away at Bradninch asked me not to print the full result as we lost heavily on one rink and the other rink also lost not quite so heavily, but, if results do not pick up in the next couple of weeks, I fear that relegation is not too far away.

Summer is back! Last Sunday saw the ideal weather for bowling. Sidmouth entertained the Oxfordshire Masonic Bowling Association and the game was most enjoyable.

Need I mention that we won 131-74: Possible excuse was coach-lag at the beginning of their tour? D Lever, D Moore, S Hamer, J Mason 30-11; K Day, C Rourke, T Pritchard, T Wilkins 14-19; M Watson, W Turner, B Hague, M Borst 15-15; J Chew, J Wrench, J Richardson, N Brimson 28-14; E Hewett, W Dunbar, D Limpus, B Seldon 20-19; R Tallent, W Limpus,R Stubbs, E Mills 24-16.

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