Honiton Netball League has new leaders


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Three weeks into the Honiton Netball League season and three teams in the Left Division remain unbeaten, Hi Q, Toucan Chicks and Ford & Pentecost Panthers, writes Graham Ingram.

There remains just one 100 per cent record in the Right Division, and that belongs to Flamingos.

Hi Q moved to the top of the Left Division with a big 55-12 win over HoneyZ whose defeat saw them drop to the foot of the table on goal difference.

Swaggermamas moved off the bottom when they picked up a point against Tornados whose 36-22 win moved them up to fifth after two wins in a row.

Chicks dropped to second place on goal difference after their 41-23 victory over Pixies who suffered their third defeat on the bounce. Panthers remain third following a 29-19 defeat of Otter Valley who dropped back to sixth place.

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SSW lost their first game of the season when they came up against an inform 3Ts, who beat them by 38-25 .

With a 44-29 victory over High Tide, and with their closest rivals dropping points, it was Flamingos who moved two points clear at the top of Right Division.

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They are followed by four teams, all on seven points and then two more just one point further behind on six, making it a very close contest.

HNC Hot Shots were the biggest gainers as their 57-36 win over previously unbeaten JD Tyres saw them jump up to second place with JD dropping back to fifth.

Beer also suffered their first defeat, 42-53 to Otters and dropped back to third whilst Otters moved up to seventh.

Toucans are the fourth team on seven points thanks to their 43-30 defeat of Hawks and they also moved up one place.

The other game of the evening saw Blackdown against Cranbrook Arrows and ended with a win for Blackdown by 44-35.


Left Division P GD Pts

Hi Q 3 101 9

Toucans Chicks 3 87 9

Ford & Pentecost Panthers 3 46 9

Signs South West 3 -10 7

Tornados 3 -7 6

Otter Valley 3 -9 5

Tip Top Trees 3 -13 5

Pixies 3 -37 3

Swaggermamas 3 -63 1

HoneyZ 3 -95 1

Right Division P GD Pts

Flamingos 3 52 9

HNC Hot Shots 3 23 7

Beer Blazers 3 18 7

Sidmouth Toucans 3 5 7

JD Tyres 3 -1 7

Blackdown 3 0 6

Otters 3 -2 6

Howden Hawks 3 -22 4

Cranbrook Arrows 3 -34 3

High Tide 3 -39 3

Players of the match, team by team

Tornados - Catherine Pankiewicz; HoneyZ - Rachel Patten; Swaggermamas - Karen Bennett; Otter Valley - Lizzie Ricketts; Tip Top Trees - Amy Vine; Signs South West - Jodie Potter; Ford & Pentecost Panthers - Anna Benson; Hi Q - Catherine Quick; Otters - Lucy Davies; High Tide - Millie Vacher; Beer Blazers - Frankie Hefferman; JD Tyres - Julie Norman; Blackdown - Kirsty Selway; Sidmouth Toucans - Helen Terry; Howden Hawks - Tash Beauchant; Cranbrook Arrows -Kirsty Crowe; HNC Hot Shots - Cara Monaghan; Flamingos - Sonia Yorke

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