Inspiration from Sidmouth Rugby Club

The Sidmouth RFC girls section on their 2019 tour. Picture; SRFC

The Sidmouth RFC girls section on their 2019 tour. Picture; SRFC - Credit: Archant

In these times of uncertainty, it was fantastic to see a special message left by the Under-14s coach at Sidmouth Rugby Club, who had found this quote from New Zealand rugby legend Sir John Kirwan. 
“I often say rugby is like life. You can have the ball in your hand and be running down the field feeling unstoppable. 
“Then someone tackles you and you hit the deck and you’re vulnerable; you’re lying there exposed. 
“Suddenly your team-mates are there, not just over the ball but over you, protecting you. They’re prepared to put their bodies on the line for you. 
“That’s what happens in life: you fall over and your mates come to your aid.” 
All of us have probably felt like we are falling over at some point over the past 12 months but there is light at the end of the tunnel, and local sport is ready to shine.  

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