Inspired by Trigs runners

Last weekend, Sidmouth Running Club’s Brian Gosling, inspired by his more energetic colleagues doing the very tough Four Trigs, went to "Slay the Dragon", on a morning when all normal people would have slept in!

This 10K organised by the local school at Hinton St George, Somerset proved to be an enjoyable race, even in the wind, rain and mud. Despite the conditions everyone arrived back safely feeling that the dragon had been well and truly slain. Brian Gosling returned in 58mins.

Hoping for better conditions a week later, he set off again but this time in the opposite direction, towards Dawlish for the ‘Oh My Obelisk’ race. This is a tough 10 miler at the best of times starting at the Dawlish Leisure Centre and going up hill all the way to the Obelisk in Haldon Forest and then back down again. He was prepared for the hills, but not the mud, which made the going very slippery - in both directions, exactly as the 4 Triggers found the week before.

His time of 1 hour 55 minutes reflects the nature of the course but, once again, we are grateful to him for keeping the Club Vest prominent in the local racing scene.

On that same score, we heard that the Sidmouth Green was spotted in a New Zealand half marathon last weekend.

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If it was not stolen we suspect that it might have been Andy Concannon who disappeared in that direction a short while ago. He will be back soon and can, hopefully, throw some light on the matter.

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