Knight puts his name on the Digger Cup

The Digger Cup has a new name on it after Mike Knight won it last week.

The Digger Cup is played in a bogey format, whereby the object of the competition is to beat par to win a hole.

Of course, if you don’t get a par (or net par if it is a shot hole), you lose a hole and the best aggregate score of holes won, halved and lost is the winner.

This type of competition does not differentiate between a bogey (one over par) or many shots over par on any particular hole, because you can only lose the hole once, so a few big numbers on some holes do not matter in the same way as a medal competition would.

Step forward Mike Knight, who is not known for his conservative and consistent approach to the game and is not unaccustomed to going to parts of the course rarely seen by others!

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In spite of having two sevens on his card, which only accounted for the loss of two holes, rather than all his shot allowance if he was playing in a medal, he soon overcame this slight setback to come in with a score of +3, in spite of a slip-up on the last. Standing on the 18th tee at +4, Lester Wilmington, had the Cup almost in his hands, but a hooked drive into the trees put paid to that and he bogied the last to also end up with +3, but got eased out of the winner’s spot on a countback!

However, this time Lester did remember to sign his card and for his pains got his handicap reduced to 14 in what continues to be an excellent season for him.

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In third spot on +2 was Nathan Brace who recovered from a weak start to post another good score for him in a year when he is steadily reducing his handicap, which now stands at six.

Fourth on +1 was Rod Wallace and a close look at his card revealed that he won both the 14 and 15 holes and perhaps living next to the 13 green might have been a factor here!

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