Ladies start with great win

Sidmouth HC Ladies’ 1st XI

Sidmouth came out strongly from the whistle, using the space on the wings to get the ball into the attacking D.

Sidmouth passed the ball well, making use of all players and were soon rewarded with a string of short corners, Taryn Beuthin finding space past the keeper to score the first goal.

Sidmouth pushed hard and used the confidence gained from the goal and were soon back in the attacking D, a call and strike from Karen Cann getting the second goal of the game.

With play starting to come back to the Sidmouth defence, Chrissy Mitchell and Janet Jones worked well together on the right and any attempts at the goal were seen away by Hayley Delaselle.

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Caroline Bickerstaff and Anna Cloke worked hard in the midfield to create play for Sidmouth. Skilful work by Pigeon saw another short corner and a strike from Pigeon was met by Lucy Broad on the post, who slotted into the goal, making it 3-0 at half time.

Sidmouth were keen to get the second half under way after a team talk from new captain Hayley Delaselle .

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With Beuthin on the side lines due to a nose injury, Sarah Dean worked well to keep the attacking play going. Dean and Hattie Vanstone worked well together and used the space to drive the ball to the attacking end.

After a quick change, when Beuthin returned to the pitch, Sidmouth used back passes to open up the play. With the ball coming down the left, the Ottery defence was soon on Pigeon, but with Beuthin free for a classy reverse stick strike, Sidmouth were able to make it 4-0.

They were home and dry with goals from Anna Cloke and Karen Cann. Duke’s Player of the Match was Lucy Broad.

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