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SEATON - AS part of the club’s centenary year celebrations, members played a six rink match against the President of Bowls Devon which Seaton narrowly lost by 112-113. Top rink was David Yardley, Keith Miles (club President and captain of the day), Joan Russell and Barbara Harden.

On the following day, the club won a four rink game against Bradninch by 81-77. Top rink was Bob Scull, John Bellamy, Barbara Thompson and Rhonda Follenfant.

Angie Mayhew, Sheila Pike, Shirley Fewtrell and Sue Rutter successfully defended the Spears Trophy at Sidmouth with a score of +33. Seaton won their game against Starcross on 17 June by 96-65. Top rink was Jeremy Allison, Alice Carter, Gerry Barry and Barbara Thompson.

Seaton entertained Pelhams Bowl Club from Bournemouth, each winning on three rinks, but Seaton won overall by 120-108. Top rink David Ford, Alan Johnson, Ken Russell and Joan Miles.

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In the County Trophy match against Madeira, Seaton lost by 71-79. The only winning club rink was Edward Backhouse, David Yardley, John Wright and Phil Crichard. Seaton beat Madeira D in the over-60s league by 47-20. Top triple was A Wood, Les Tooze and Ron Rowley. In a Top Club game against Ottery St Mary, Seaton won all five team games with a total of 105-59.

CHARDSTOCK BC - The train well and truly derailed on Sunday in a home four rink friendly mixed match against South Petherton, Chardstock losing on all rinks, and by 59-90 shots overall: P Potter, C Bradford, A Sebright, A Day (skip) lost 17-26; J Milford, J Marks, J Tucker, S Jeffery (skip) lost 16-20; R Blackmore, G Bodily, D Emery, K Wakelin (skip) lost 13-22, A Callagan, R Wines, J Rolph, M Sturley (skip) lost 13-22.

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LYME REGIS - This has been a good week for the Lyme players, playing in their respective leagues, the only disappointment being the men’s A team who only managed to secure two points away at Porland Victoria.

The Championship side took nine points from Greenhill on their own turf, no mean feat. The B team took all 10 points on offer at home to Greenhill C.

The Ladies whitewashed their opponents from Broadstone in Div 2 of the Dorset league and the Edna Paisley side took all six points from Greenhill.

In the Percy Baker, all the Lyme teams did well, W2 and W5 taking the maximum.

This week is the club’s annual tournament with a full programme of bowling until Friday. The club welcomes any visitors who would like to come and watch.

Dorset men’s’ Championship: Lyme 49; Greenhill 38: J Eaton, S Pomeroy, B Rattenbury, P Pomeroy 17-11; B Gillett, K Hickman, C Barber, P Moffitt 14-14; D Meylan, R Richardson, G Stockley, P Eagles 18-13.

West Dorset Men Div 1: Lyme A 48; Portland Vic. 61: M Clark, J Beadsley, T Allman, J Wells 13-18; M Thorner, G Clode, J Irwin, D Perry 7-27; M Knight, P Stephens, D Pomeroy, B Parsons 28-16.

West Dorset Men Div 2: Lyme B 64; Greenhill C 39: R Cridge, H Keep, W Smith, J Belger 21-13; C Bell, J Moseley, R Moody, G Cozens 19-11; B Downes, D Wood, R Winterborne, E Skeemer 24-15.

Dorset Ladies’ Div 2 - Lyme 74; Broadstone 39: J Moffitt, M Gillett, J Parsons, K Clissold 27-13; H Dowling, D Courtenay-Smith, N Stephens, C Barber 28-11; P Cole, J Perry, J Kesterton, A Allman 19-15. Percy Baker: Lyme W2 41; Sherborne 28: M Clark, J Irwin, D Meylan 23-14; R Edwards, R Richardson, P Moffitt 18-14.

Lyme W3 31, Portland Vic 29: G Broom, H Keep, E Skeemer 25-10; R Turpin, P Stephens, W Smith 6-19.

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