Night of golfing glory

Prizewinners at Sidmouth Golf Club received their awards at the annual ceremony at Sidmouth Golf Club.

The first round of the Chambers Rose Basket and Rose Bowl competition for 2009 was played for on October 22 with 22 entrants. The Rose Basket is for ladies over 65 years of age and the Rose Bowl is for the younger ladies. First in the Rose Basket was Mavis Vanstone with 29 points; Sheila Skittrall was second with 28 points. The Rose Bowl winner was Sue Pyne with 37 points and Ros Eaton came in second place with 33 points; there were no 2s.l At the annual prize giving ceremony on Saturday, the following ladies collected their trophies:Club Medals, sponsored by Easterbrook Eaton Accountants: Maureen Howard received four Medals, (is that a record?); Ros Eaton and Angela Coles each received one Medal.Chambers Rose Basket: Mavis Vanstone; Chambers Rose Bowl: Penny Lyne.2007 Winter League: Julie Lye.LGU Silver Medal: Maureen Howard.DCLGA Silver Medal and Maitland Payne Cup: Maureen Howard.LGU Bronze Medal: Janet Humberstone.DCLGA Bronze Medal and Maitland Payne Cup: Janet Humberstone.LGU Pendant: Anne Blackler.Radford Cup: Judy Ritz.Orr Cup: Margaret Thompson.Ritchie Cup: Marian Thomas.Cancer Relief Spoon: Liz Chance.Morritt Medal: Marie Timms.Moore Cup: Liz Chance.Grandmother's Shield: Pat Bosshardt.Joyce Joliffe Salver: Sheila Thomson.Par Trophy: Ros Eaton.Brown Bowl: Ros Eaton.Round Robin: Maria Clapp.Willcock Cup: Pat Bosshardt (for the 8th time).Peggy Bell Foursomes: Margot Beauchamp and Maureen Howard.Centenary Trophy: Jacqui Hills.Eclectic Cup: Julie Lye.Birdie Trophy: Julie Lye.Gertie Skinner Trophy: Julie Lye.Match Play Cup: Sheila Tallon.Dodd Salver: Sheila Thomson.Most Improved Golfer: Sheila Thomson.Lady Golfer of the Year: Sheila Thomson.Handicap Cup: Margot Beauchamp.Scratch Cup/Club Champion: Julie Lye.Congratulations to everyone who received prizes and for those who received more than one, you are truly very good golfers and Sidmouth Ladies are proud of you.

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