One mile sea swim at Sidmouth

Through the excellent support of the Regatta committee the N1 Tri club staged its first official race-A One Mile Sea Swim Challenge at Sidmouth, writes Dennis Elliott.

The race is the first step in a venture that aims to bring the various sporting clubs of East Devon together. In this case not only the sailing club but the local canoe club joined together to ensure the safety of the swimmers who had to brave strong offshore winds and huge rollers in their swim.

The sight of an arrowhead of orange hatted swimmers plunging through the breakers, flanked by kayaks and rescue boats was a great sight. The demanding conditions were too much for some swimmers and they had to be rescued- in one case in spectacular fashion as the rescue boat had to literally fly ashore to escape the severe waves!

The winner, Richard Easton, is a well known local triathlete and won in a time of 25.16mins. Flying the colours of the home club was Anne Ephraums who came home first lady and eighth overall in 30.40mins. The race was watched by team GB member Peter Wilby who, it is hoped, will shortly be joining N1’s coaching team. The race could not have taken part without the help of some sponsors. They included South West Water, hbb Brands of Honiton who donated the Devon Cycling shirt as a prize, CRW Accountants of Colyton, Fish Cycles of Sidmouth, National WestChem and Express Asphalt Exeter.

(Place, name, time): 1, Richard Easton, 25.16; 2, Malcolm Greenslade, 25.41; 3, Dale Kingston, 28.25; 4, Nigel Winchester, 29.30; 5, Mathew Cunningham, 29.58; 6, Nick Read, 30.12; 7, Luke Reed, 30.34; 8, Anne Ephraums, 30,40; 9, Tom Elliott, 30.54; 10, Christine Hellier, 31.11; 11, Nick Keast, 31.17; 12, Mateus Szala, 31.20; 13, Dan Loader, 31.49; 14, Guy Russell, 32.07; 15, Jim Ephraums, 33.26; 16, Matt Smith, 33.43; 17, Michael Stamp, 33.56; 18, Simon Hawkins, 34.12; 19, Graeme Beech, 34.38; 20, Nigel Down, 34.45; 21, Rob Dunford, 35.08; 22, Mike Shillingford, 35.13; 23, Lisa Maggs, 35.56; 24, Guy Paddon, 37.01; 25, Sally Hutter, 37.06; 26, Liz Ledge, 37.38; 27, Rupert Baker, 40.14; 28, Stephen Morfey, 40.21; 29, Al Swann, 42.53; 30, Karl Hodson, 44.56; 31, Michael Knight, 46.09; 32, Richard Hedger, 46.14; 33, Claire Bramley, 46.26; 34, DaveBramley, 48.20; 35, Vanessa Glynn Jones, 49.55; 36, Simon Rayner, 45.31*; 37, Phil Press, 47.06*

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