Otterettes facing a busy run-in


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The Otterettes suffered yet another postponement last Sunday and that leaves them with a real problem in terms of squeezing all their remaining games into what is left of the football season.

Team boss Mikey Ringer summed up the general feeling of growing frustration at the team's lack of action - they have only played three of what will ultimately be a 16 game league campaign, and have not stepped onto the pitch in pursuit of points since their October 27, 7-2 home win over University of Exeter - saying: "Given who we were playing [Plymouth side Activate] it's fair to say we expected another 'no game today' call. But, and it's a pet hate of mine - a lack of common courtesy in terms of basic communication - there are league rules for a reason and, in this case that was for the home team to contact the visiting team vis-a-vis arrangements for a match and we heard nothing from them at all! It really is not acceptable and certainly is an issue that needs addressing."

He continued: "Aside from my grumbles about a lack of communication from certain clubs, the situation re our remaining games is a concern as it means we are going to be mighty busy over the final months of the season.

"We met as a league last week and decided that we would all look at getting some of the remaining games played in midweek, but then that also creates an issue in as much as it not just our ladies who have games to squeeze in but, here at Ottery, we have a similar situation for the two men's teams and the Under-18s and collectively that is asking a lot of our playing surfaces."

Compounding the frustration of all concerned with the Otterettes, this coming Sunday sees them have no game schedule as there are an odd number of teams in the Premier Division and they just happen to be the odd one out, his weekend!

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MIkey Ringer says: "It's the case that sods law says the weather will be OK this Sunday and we have no league game, but I am trying to set up something with a Somerset club as we need to get out ladies playing again."

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