Ottery St Mary chairman: ‘The only way to survive is to follow strict guidelines’

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Ottery St Mary Football Club chairman Mikey Ringer is adamant that he will not put the very existence of the club at risk by ‘throwing money’ at any of the teams operating out of Washbrook Meadow.

He says: At a time when talk of money is rife throughout the world of football I have to laugh – and I do – at the talk I hear of us ‘throwing money at our team’ and that’s the only reason we sit top of the Scott Richards Solicitors Devon League South & West table.

He continued: “I am very clear as to what is required at a football club.

“I have a structure and that structure has not changed a jot in years. My committee are aware of the plan as are the club trustees. Indeed, I am happy to share my view and that is that at step seven (the one where we are now), there need only be a win bonus and that only payable if the player shows sufficient loyalty to our cause by attending both the club Christmas bash and an end-of-season celebration.

“At step six, the one we aspire to reach next season [South West Peninsula League Premier East is step six] I see the need for an ‘expenses loyalty’ budget paid twice during the season and again with a mutual support agreement in place with the players and then, at step five [The Toolstation Western League is the local league at this level] I see the need for a slightly bigger ‘expenses loyalty’ budget and, again, paid twice a year.

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“Now, let me also very quickly add that I also advocate that ‘expense’ budget being funded by external finance and also with a cap on all spending.

“It is my view that, while I am the chairman of this club, any other payments paid to a player that is not in line with the club ethos will be stopped and changes of personal will be made. I, and indeed, the club, will not stand for it!”

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The Ottery chief is very clear as to how to ‘manage’ his views.

He says: “The way forward for any club is based on it being set out on a good solid foundation with strict guidelines in place that are observed and not moved away from.

“What is clear, and that is what, in my opinion, has gone wrong further up the football food chain, is that said guidelines have not been followed and the whole thing comes tumbling down!”

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