Ottery St Mary runners-up in Devon Region Triples Petanque Championship

Last Sunday Petanque clubs from Ottery St Mary, Isca, Chudleigh and Pig on the Hill met at the Piggies venue in North Devon to compete for the Devon Region Triples Championship, writes Dave West.

Each team played the other three in rotation and the games culminated in a decider between the Otters and Chudleigh to take the title; with the score at 10 points each the delayed lunch break had to be taken in the refurbished Inn.

The excellent food must have inspired the Chudleigh trio because on resumption of play they scored the scored the necessary three points for victory in just one end.

Full results:

Round 1: Chudleigh 13, Isca 2; Otters 13, Piggies 3.

You may also want to watch:

Round 2: Chudleigh 13, Piggies 3; Otters 13, Isca 2.

Round 3: Piggies 13, Isca 7; Chudleigh 13, Otters 10.

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So Franck, Thierry and John emerged as champions with John Rose and Peter as very close runners-up. Piggies came third with Isca fourth.

On Sunday week (June 13) the Otters are once again up the North Devon Link Road to play league matches at The Village Inn, Westward Ho! in the morning and The Pig on the Hill in the afternoon. Lunch must happen at one or the other and a repeat of last

week’s glorious weather will be most welcome.

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