Peninsula League season could be over

Action from the Honiton Town 2-1 defeat to Elmore. Picture; ANDREW SYMONDS

Action from the Honiton Town 2-1 defeat to Elmore. Picture; ANDREW SYMONDS - Credit: Archant

The secretary of the South-West Peninsula League has conceded that he can see no feasible way of completing the current season. 
Phil Hiscox has done a marvellous job of rearranging fixtures and keeping clubs informed over the first half of a turbulent campaign. 
Sadly, time is running out for a natural conclusion to the season and Hiscox is in favour of a more localised competition as we approach the summer break. 
“I have always tried to keep clubs, players and supporters informed with regular communication,” said Hiscox. 
“I don’t understand why some leagues and organisations think everything is top secret, it really isn’t. You tell people what is happening and let them digest the information. 
“My view is that there is virtually no chance we will play anymore league football this season. 
“We have no idea when the Government will allow us to play and, even when we are allowed, clubs will have such incredible difficulty in opening their club house, which then places a huge financial strain. 
“The schedule is at such a difficult stage with the games still to completed and there is a problem with the points-per-game system if you introduce it now. 
“Certain teams haven’t played each other yet, while others have played each other home and away.  
“If a club has played twice against a team at the top, for example, but not at all against a team at the bottom, it distorts the system. 
“To introduce points-per-game now, it would be impossible for the league to schedule games fairly and you are also asking clubs to undertake a ridiculous fixture programme. 
“There is a possible window of opportunity from March to play some football, if clubs are amenable to it. 
“This could include completing the cup competitions already underway and also an additional cup competition, which would be structured on a local basis. 
“There would be no reason for Axminster or Honiton to play at Torpoint, or Sidmouth at Ilfracombe, for example.  
“It is something we need to look at closely, keeping things cheap and simple, with a cup at the end but nobody will force clubs to play.” 

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