Pidgeon fires home Sidmouth’s leveller

Sidmouth Mens 1st 2, Bodmin 2

In their first game of the 2011/12 season Sidmouth had taken a tediously long car journey up to Bodmin, only to return with dampened spirits and a negative goal difference on the table, but 2012 was a new year for the squad, and they intended to make an entrance, writes Charlie Please.

With a new formation Sidmouth was determined to make full use of their midfield, with Chris Lewis and Andrew Joy who spread the play spectacularly and made sure the wide men, Charlie Plowman and Graham Pidgeon, had plenty of the ball, much to the spectators enjoyment. However, it was beginning to seem as though Bodmin’s youth may have given them the upper hand after a breakdown of communication and a few unfortunate interceptions lead to the home team trailing 2-0 as half time approached.

But, before the first half was out, Peter Baker stepped up to the plate and made everything seem incredibly easy as he put away a short corner from the top of the D.

Bodmin became more threatening in the second half, racking up the short corners, but it was nothing the post men Scotty Rowson and Baker couldn’t handle.

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Daniel Devine and John Pike continued to dominate Bodmin's half, with chances flooding in, but in the end it was the midfielder Graham Pidgeon who brought the two sides neck and neck with a 16-yard screamer.

Determined to prove his worth, Sidmouth's keeper John Hill launched himself around, disregarding his recent head injury to keep Sidmouth in the game.

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With victory set in his mind Andrew Mapson powered through the opposition’s defence, securing Sidmouth some short corners, but it would seem as though it was not to be as Bodmin’s defence stepped up to the challenge and, unfortunately, kept the scores level until the final whistle.

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