Plenty of shots

Sidmouth HC Ladies 1st XI 1, Marjons 3

The Sidmouth Ladies 1st team played at home against Plymouth Marjons 2nd team this week. Sidmouth had the first push back top start the game and the sides seemed an even match for each other. Sid enjoyed the home support including from Karen Cann who retired from the team at the end of the last season. Some good passing saw Sid move up the field several times and a cross into the 'D' was picked up by Taryn Beuthin who put the ball past the Marjons goalie for a 1-0 advantage to the home side. The early goal didn't deter the away side and some strong passing allowed them to have a few chances at goal; Captain for Sid, Hayley Delasalle continued to save goals and remains an asset for the Sidmouth defence. Sid used their width, Sarah Hutchings was reliable on the right and worked well with Jess Allen and Sara Roberts to move the ball into the attacking end. Marjons scored a goal to equalise but it wasn't long before Sidmouth got 3 short corners in the 1st half and more chances at goal; they narrowly missed out at several opportunities to put them ahead. Anna Rowson made her return and the Cloke sisters played well together.

After half time with their coach Gus McVey, Sid got back into the game. Sarah Cloke set up several chances to score and had a flick at goal which just missed the target. Zoe Drew had a great 1st match with the 1st team and nearly scored with a shot which was just wide. Marjons continued to be a challenge and Chloe Munn and Jodie Parsons made some good tackles. The play remained in Sidmouth's end and a questionable decision against Parsons for a penalty put Marjons ahead. Marjons scored again but Sidmouth's Chrissie Mitchell and Taryn Beuthin for the attack continued to have shots at goal. The final score was 1-3, a win for the visiting team but Sidmouth voted young Zoe Drew the player of the match.

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