Queueing up for coaching duties

Never before seen on the bowling greens at Sidmouth.

Never before seen on the bowling greens at Sidmouth. Last Wednesday afternoon at precisely 2pm the Over-60s C squad walked out to play Bradninch A. What they witnessed was almost unbelievable. The grass on rinks 11 and 12 will take a while to restore to its natural colour. Playing bowls were nine Spanish young ladies! Obviously, they were from the International school, being coached in the art of bowling by a very willing coach from the school. They continued to bowl for some 15 minutes before resorting to the tennis courts.If in the future the 'bowling coach' from the school needs any help, I have 14 telephone numbers from various members who would only be too pleased to make themselves available for advanced lessons! They left a lasting impression on our squad - for whatever reason - Sidmouth losing the league match on both rinks, going down 27-46: M Daw, L Catford, J Richardson 12-21; R Stubbs, B Turner, F Adlam 15-25. We can only be thankful that our A and B squads were playing away, so to speak. They were both at the same venue, Exonia. The A squad went down to Exonia B 32-33: S Hamer, N Brimson, R Seldon 23-13; A Holland, A Brown, P Wilson 9-20. Sidmouth B went down on both rinks to Exonia A 24-48: P Mison, P Clements, R Cook 15-25; B Mortimer, B Daniels, C Hewett 9-23. Last Friday members played The President's side from Devon County Bowling Association. The weather was fine, and the result was also fine for Sidmouth, winning on the six rinks 111-84: P Mison, R Denning, M Borst, C Bryant 19-12; F Adlam, R Knights, B Daniels, J White 14-19; B Barber, E Mills, P Clements, R Cook 23-11; K Bridgman, K Hutton, D Limpus, C Hewett 12-22; R Tallent, L Catford, B Hague, N Brimson 22-11; J Davies, T Pritchard, R Graham, J Mason 21-9. Behind the scenes, I would like to thank the ladies for one of those traditional bowling teas that are becoming all-too- rare these days. After the rain continued for more than 12 hours on Saturday, Sidmouth were surprised to see that the mixed pairs competition went ahead the following day, although the numbers taking part were disappointing. Sidmouth entertained the touring side from Gloucester VP Bowling Association last Monday.Although the rain threatened to disrupt proceedings, players managed to finish the game and Sidmouth won by 120-99: A Andrews, R Tallent, J White, B Boddy 14-19; T Davies, K Hutton, B Hague, C Hewett 22-18; B Angove, M Smith, R Knights, M Borst 16-16; D Bridgeman, D Mountford, P Clements, P Wilson 17-18; C Rourke, B Dunbar, R Cook, B Seldon 26-13; R Graham, T Pritchard, C Bryant, N Brimson 25-15.

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