Quiz time! - The Friday sports quiz

The 2017, 100 Football Quiz

The 2017, 100 Football Quiz - Credit: Archant

Here we bring you our weekly FRIDAY QUIZ with 40 general msports questiosn this week. Scroll down the page to find the answers.....

1. What is the maximum number of sets played in men’s matches at Wimbledon?

2. Which Italian is the only manager to lead Chelsea to a Champions League title?

3. In which year did he accomplish that feat?

4. Who is the highest points scorer in Super League history?

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5. What is the Ashes urn made of? A- Terracotta, B- Clay, C- Porcelain

6. Which country did Germany defeat to win the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

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7. Who is the current snooker world champion?

8. How many Olympic gold medals did Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe win throughout his career? A- Four, B- Five, C- Six

9. Who has scored the most ODI runs for England?

10. How many NBA championships did Phil Jackson win as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers?

11. What age was Jack Grealish when he joined Aston Villa?

12. Against which team did Grealish score his first goal for Villa?

13. Tottenham striker Harry Kane has had loan spells at which four clubs?

14. Which of the following players scored in England’s 1966 World Cup final victory? A) Roger Hunt, B) Geoff Hurst, C) Martin Peters.

15. Which team won the Super Bowl in 2018?

16. Which England player said a behind-the-scenes documentary on the Australian men’s cricket team motivated him?

17. The Kensington Oval is a cricket ground in which country?

18. What job did Toronto Wolfpack coach Brian McDermott do before becoming a professional rugby league player? Was it: A) Police officer B) Fireman or C) Royal Marine?

19. Wolfpack owner David Argyle made his fortune in which industry?

20. Name the city the NHL team the Oilers are based in.

21. Name the England footballer who has said he wants to end his career with a stint as an NFL kicker?

22. What is England wicketkeeper Jos Butler auctioning in aid of health services?

23. Who did Australia defeat to win their fifth Cricket World Cup in 2015?

24. Todd Woodbridge is known for his successful doubles partnership with Mark Woodforde, but which Swede was the Australian’s subsequent partner?

25. Woodforde was born in which southern Australian city?

26. Linford Christie became the third British athlete to win the Olympic 100 metres in Barcelona. What other record did he achieve in the race?

27. What was Christie’s result four years later in the 100m final in Atlanta?

28. The Maurice Podoloff Trophy is associated with which sport?

29. Which US course is due to stage the Ryder Cup in September?

30. Actor Will Smith supports which NFL team?

31. At which club did Diego Maradona play most of his professional career?

32. How many times did David Beckham win the Premier League title with Manchester United?

33. Who did Kevin Keegan play for before joining Liverpool in 1971?

34. Which Premiership Rugby club has England boss Eddie Jones coached?

35. Where was the first Commonwealth Games held in 1978?

36. Which two African nations boycotted the Games?

37. Sir David Frost provided the colour commentary for the Rumble in the Jungle alongside which boxer?

38. Name the dictator who provided the fight’s purse.

39. OJ Simpson made his name with the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, but with which team did he finish his career?

40. Candlestick Park was home to that team for many years. What was significant about it when it opened?

Answers: 1. Five; 2. Robert Di Matteo; 3. 2012; 4. Kevin Sinfield; 5. A- Terracotta; 6. Argentina; 7. Judd Trump; 8. B- Five; 9. Eoin Morgan; 10. Five; 11 Six; 12. Leicester; 13. Leyton Orient, Millwall, Norwich and Leicester; 14. (B) Geoff Hurst and (C) Martin Peters; 15. Philadelphia Eagles; 16. Joe Root; 17. Barbados; 18. C) Royal Marine; 19. Mining; 20. Edmonton; 21. Harry Kane; 22. His World Cup final shirt; 23. New Zealand; 24. Jonas Bjorkman; 25. Adelaide; 26. Oldest Olympic 100m champion; 27. Disqualified after false starting twice; 28. Basketball (awarded to the NBA MVP); 29. Whistling Straits; 30. Philadelphia Eagles; 31. Napoli; 32. Six; 33. Scunthorpe; 34. Saracens; 35. Edmonton, Canada; 36. Nigeria and Uganda; 37. Joe Frazier; 38. Muammar Gaddafi; 39. San Francisco 49ers; 40. First modern baseball stadium (built entirely of reinforced concrete).

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