Racetech on board as results and entries sponsors

Check all is ready before the start of the new season

Racetech have come on board as a sponsor of the pony racing results and entries nationally which will now be included in the Racing Post Weekender on a weekly basis.

New entry forms will be used for the coming season which will be more like point to point entry forms with space for details of pony breeding/owners. Don’t forget that from January 1st Pony Registration Certificates and JMB Height Certificates will need to be renewed and registered.You need to take a picture of you and your pony out hunting/pony club rallying, and get it signed by the master/DC. Now is the time to check your pony’s vaccination certificates to make sure all is in line with the regulations.

Claire Wright will once again be receiving all entries for the Devon and Cornwall area, You will only need to send a copy of your pony’s passport and height certificate to her once, but it is mandatory that an official entry form is received and signed for each pony race. if you are worried about forgetting, you can enter all the races in advance - send entry forms and cheques made out to the host hunt - and Claire will withdraw your entry up to time of closing if your pony is unable to take part.

Please be aware that, although the points championship will still run, now there are more meetings in the D and C area, it may be unfair to expect your pony to take part in every race, especially in the 148s where distances are further. It is expected that we will have more entries this year than last and, if we have to ballot, those with more than one pony entered will automatically be put on the reserve list with one pony out of the race that is full up. If this is likely to affect you, please get in touch with Claire before the close of entries, not afterwards.

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