Reindeer Run brings curtain down on the running season in some style

The 2014 Otterton Reindeer Run

The 2014 Otterton Reindeer Run - Credit: Archant

Brightly shone the sun on Saturday for the last race of the season, The Reindeer Run held in aid of the local Primary School at Otterton, writes Colin Flood.

There is always a festive feel about this popular 10k race and Fun Run, and there were plenty of Elves, Father Christmas hats, antlers, fairies, miles of tinsel, and more elves. Mulled wine and a mince pie to all the finishers always helps to get the numbers out.

Before the start, Jane Hemsworth (64th) and Helen Palmer (91st) were heard discussing the correct length of elf dress, Helen going for the mini, while Jane went for the more traditional midi.

But, it’s a hard race, the first half being across hilly fields, and the way back is along muddy, corrugated tracks. And it was on one of these, that Jane came to grief, tripping, possibly over the hem of her costume, and going flying. Two runners closely following, went over too. What is the collective noun for a pile-up of elves?

Naomi Garrick(49th) is usually the first Sidmouth lady runner home, but this time it was a spirited run by Jane Drew(38th) who took the honours. Abbi Lee (66th) claims to run better with a hangover, so clearly she didn’t have enough to drink the night before. For the men, Tim Mitchell (23rd) led Joe Kent (25th) home by just four seconds.

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Terry Bewes (100th) shadowed Brian Gosling (103rd) for the entire length of the course, only overtaking in the closing few yards, thereby showing a complete lack of Christmas spirit and ruining Brian’s day.

In the Fun Run, Edmund Grierson (second) and Tom Perry(11th) put in great performances, out of 223 finishers.

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It was great to see a good turn out of home runners, for the second week in succession.

As usual, our thanks to the organisers, and our own John Perratt and Bill Valentine for their work on the ground.

With 408 competitors in the two races, the Reindeer Run was once again a fitting climax to the season.

Full results form Sidmouth runners: 23, Tim Mitchell, 48.50; 25, Joe Kent, 48.54; 38, Jane Drew, 52.14;

49, Naomi Garrick, 54 22; 56, Colin Flood, 55.32; 58, Rob Edwards, 56.03; 64, Jane Hemsworth, 57.11;

66, Abbi Lee, 57.14; 70, John Ball, 57.32; 89, John Doherty, 59.51; 91, Helen Palmer, 59.48;

100, Terry Bewes, 60.52; 103, Brian Gosling, 61.00, 108, Don Cawthera, 61.36; 109, Debbie Marriott, 62.01; 120, Emily Marshall, 64.08; 138, Cathy Keast, 67.11; 139, Monica Read, 67.12; 169, Caroline Bal,l 73.33.

Fun Run: 2, Edmund Grierson, 13.22; 11, Tom Perry, 16.04; 52; 59, Jed Stone, 20.20; 60, Ben Perry, 20.43; 76, Katie Marriott, 21.43; 78, Lara West, 21.47; 121, Lily Bryant, 25.05; 129, Amelia Badcock, 26.11; 130, Alex Mitchell, 26.12; 139, Ellie Stone, 26.44; 140, Ella Bryant 26.51; 141, Ruth Bryant, 26.51; 162, Oscar Burston, 29.32; 163, Sarah Burston, 29.33; 167, Tess Stone, 30.13; 170, Jake Burston, 30.30; 171, Martin Burston, 30.31.

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