Salter and Johnson sail to rare scorpion success

Sailing off Sidmouth

Sailing off Sidmouth - Credit: Archant

Sidmouth Sailing Club has also been enjoying the breezy weather and enjoying some competitive racing, writes John Keast.

In the Wednesday series Bob Vine has just a two point lead, with Barny Croft threatening, and he may have taken the lead had he not been disqualified for being over the start line.

Barny realising he was over the line, returned, but did not clear the line completely therefore was disqualified.

This resulted in a protest, and it was great to see this being applied in the spirit intended, that is as a learning event.

The race officer’s decision was upheld and all became clear back in the bar!

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This Wednesday the breezy weather continued, and combined with the sea state made launching difficult and the risk assessment meant only experienced sailors were allowed to race.

The five starters did well to make it to the start line, a rare victory for James Salter and Dave Johnson, who chose to race their scorpion.

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For much of this season they have spent more time swimming that sailing as they try to get to grips with their lively twin trapeze international 14.

Those that sailed were grateful to have the support of the less experienced sailors who stayed shore-side and were able to help with the safe landing of the dinghies after the racing as the sea state had continued to build during the race.

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