Sid 2nds caught out by late goals

Having conceded six goals to the Dawlish side in the first half of the season, Sidmouth were determined to play a different game on meeting the side away from home.

Dawlish were quick to attack, putting immediate pressure on the Sidmouth defence. The Sidmouth backline did an excellent job preventing Dawlish from striking, but the forwards finally found an opening and scored the first goal.

Fighting back, Sidmouth made some good runs only to be intercepted by the opposing midfield who then broke into the Sidmouth half. Despite some excellent channelling from Sophie Mack, the Dawlish side forced their way into the Sidmouth D and gained a second goal.

Though the home side seemed to have the majority of possession, Sid did not surrender to the tough play of the Dawlish team, continuously intercepting their attacking runs and playing some excellent long balls which were narrowly missed by the Sidmouth forwards.

Determined to overcome the recent second half tiredness curse, Sidmouth came back from the break fighting. Taking more control, Sid managed to get some excellent runs down the wings with some exceptional two-touch hockey between the midfield and forwards.

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Finally, Sid had opportunities in the Dawlish D and secured a short corner. After last week’s 100 per cent short corner success rate, hopes of a goal were high. Sarah Dean ensured a strong push out and Liz Knapp had a great shot which deflected off the goalkeeper’s pads. Well aware of the need to play for the second ball, Zoe Drew followed up the deflection and scored an exceptional goal, lifting the ball above the Dawlish goalie.

With a goal under their belt, Sidmouth continued to make attacks in the Dawlish D but were unable to score any more goals.

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The frustrated Dawlish side fought back and, on receiving the ball, were quick to enter the Sidmouth half, forcing Louise Jones to make some outstanding saves and, unfortunately for Sidmouth, managing to secure three further goals. The final whistle saw Sidmouth beaten 5-1.

Dukes Players of the Match were Sophie Mack and Charlotte Hill.

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