Sidmouth beat Ottery in five-rink mixed

Devon Masonic Bowls were our visitors last week and the match was played in good weather and spirit.

Devon Masonic Bowls were our visitors last week and the match was played in good weather and spirit.

S Hamer, A Tredgett, M Price, N Brimson, 18-24. M Watson, J Greenaway, C Turner, M Borst, 32-18. B Farmer, D Lever, B Taylor, R Cook, 30-11. D Ware, C Hamer, W Turner, A Capon, 28-12. Overall 108-65.

In the Over 60s League last week, results were disappointing. Our A squad won only one rink, so gaining two points against Culm Vale A.

A Holland, T Pritchard, P Wilson, 26-10, J Mason, N Brimson, R Seldon, 12-22.

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Sidmouth B likewise gained only two points for the one winning rink.

P Mison, P Clements, R Cook, 22-17. B Mortimer, J White, B Daniels, 10-26.

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The C squad are all but down to Division 6, losing on both rinks to Starcross away. R Tallent, L Tobias, E Mills,12-19. R Graham, M Watson, J Richardson, 13-21. Only a "Dunkirk" effort will avert the all too familiar drop.

Away at Lyme Regis, we played a six- rink mixed triples match, winning 103 shots to 100.

M Smith, R Graham, E Stribling, 20-20. W Dunbar, M Borst, R Cook, 11-14. J Mountford, B Daniels, W Limpus, 22-12. D Mountford, S Graham, W Boddy, 13-22. R Tallent, D Jamieson, B Smith, 15-19. B Farmer, D Limpus, E Hewett, 22-13.

Again, away at Marina, we went down this time by just two shots, 87-89 in another six-rink triples mixed match. M Watson, M Watson, B Hague, 23-11. R Denning, P Gomm, J Mason, 14-12. R Daw, W Turner, J Fricker, 11-19. S Mison, J Richardson, C Turner, 12-21. Z Johnson, D Mountford, D Taylor, 12-15. P Mison, M Smith, R Cook, 15-11.

It has cartainly been a busy few days as far as the bowling is concerned. Sunday saw a home fixture against Ottery St Mary a five-rink mixed match which we won 102-85.

M Savage, C Rourke, P Wrench, R Cook, 18-17. A Appleby, B Farmer, J Chew, C Turner, 16-24.M Watson, J Quinn, J Wrench, M Borst, 25-13. R Denning, C Hunt, J Harrison, W Turner, 22-14. J Quinn, R Tallent, M Price, L Tobias, 21-17.

The home re-arranged Over-60 match played earlier this week gave Sidmouth maximum points. The B squad played Okehampton B squad and won 49-25.

B Smith, J White, R Cook, 30-10. J Chew, P Mison, W Boddy, 19-15. The C squad played Bradnich A squad away and, having lost to their B Squad just last week, a positive result was hardly expected. However, we won on both rinks, ensuring the eight points, which could prove invaluable in the quest to avoid relegation this season.

R Stubbs, W Turner, J Richardson, 21-8. J Wrench, M Watson, F Adlam, 21-13. Our team of R Tallent, D Bridgeman, B Mortimer, Eddy Mills came a creditable second at the Victory Bowl contest at Budleigh this week with a plus score of 8. Well done.

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