Sidmouth bowlers enjoy superb tour to Vale of Glamorgan

Sidmouth bowlers at Burnham-on-Sea

Sidmouth bowlers at Burnham-on-Sea - Credit: Archant

Sidmouth Bowling Club had a most successful tour of the Vale of Glamorgan, writes John Mason.

There were 31 members on the trip all of whom naturally confirmed their senior status with their forgetfulness and dress code infringements!

Nevertheless, there was much laughter and frivolity induced by the tour leader Peter Mison who may well have discovered a new career as a stand up or rather sit down comedian, usually at colleagues’ expense!

Our base was at Bridgend and on the afternoon of arrival we played a local team, Bridgend Municipal, in very pleasant surroundings but just lost the match.

Top rink was Jean Brimson, Dennis Moore, Jill Ashton, John Mason (skip).

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On Day two a free morning in Cardiff was used by some to take a tour of the Millenium stadium which proved very interesting and enjoyable.

Others undertook some retail therapy before rejoining the group and playing at Windsor Bowling Club in Penarth in the afternoon, a large club in the middle of a residential area, a club that had previously arranged ambitious world wide bowling tours.

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This time we managed a narrow victory, the top rink being Anita Mason, Marie Timms, Mike Reader and John Mason (skip).

Saturday was a free morning followed by a journey to Swansea Bowling Club for a game against the only private club in the city.

The generosity given by this club was second to none and we wondered how we would manage the evening meal.

This time the top rink was Dennis Moore, Marie Timms, Phyll Nobbs and Jane Painter (skip) with Sidmouth narrowly losing the game.

Sunday was to be our last full day in the Vale of Glamorgan and although the morning weather was slightly inclement, the visit to the Welsh Heritage site at St Fagans was simply superb, pity we couldn’t have a whole day there.

However, we needed to get to Llantwit Major where once again the weather was good to us and the match was won. Top rink was Mary Smith, Derek Mountford, Phyll Nobbs and John Mason (skip).

Evening entertainment varied between card schools, bingo and gate crashing wedding a reception! (no names!)

Leaving all this behind, Monday saw us on our way home, but not before a stop at Burnham-on-Sea Bowling Club.

A fine afternoon was had by all and a close result saw a win for Sidmouth, the top rink being Brenda Somerfield, Doreen Pound, Jill Ashton, and Peter Mison (skip).

To cap a great tour and provide sustenance for the remainder of our journey the best value fish and chips were eagerly consumed, this making a very enjoyable end to a successful trip.

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