Sidmouth bowls Bonanza raises over �3,300

Last week you had the photo; this week the result of the captain s v vice-captain s match.

Last week you had the photo; this week the result of the captain's v vice-captain's match. It was 101-65 to the captain, Cliff Hewett.

Apart from drawing on two of the five rinks played, vice-captain Mike Borst drew the short straw in the 'picking' of the sides chosen to represent the two sides. However, giving the captain's side first: R Denning, B Barber, M Hunt, N Brimson v A Appleby, D Ware, P Mison, J White 13-13;

K Day, K Hutton,J Wrench, J Mason v T Godfrey, D Brand, R Graham E Mills, 20-13;

R Tallent, M Savage, C Hewett B Daniels v B Angove, D Mountford, S Hamer, M Borst, 26-8;

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M Watson, D Lee, B Smith, T Pritchard v L Catford, D Bridgeman, B Hague, P Wilson 25-14.

M Daw, J Doyle, D Lever, W Boddy v D Holland, G Rayfield, J Chew, T Wilkins 17-17.

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Finals Day this year has been decimated by injury to just one player who has succeeded in reaching three finals.

The unfortunate Ron Cook slipped up in the shower and has broken a bone in his right arm and is unable to bowl. Obviously he is as disappointed as the players he was due to bowl against.

At a specially convened committee meeting it was decided that to be fair to all, the three finals that were concerned would be played next season, before the end of May.

In matches there was win by just one shot against Wotton-under-Edge 120-119: D Ware, B Farmer, P Clements, J Bishop, 22-23;. P Hague, D Mountford, J Fricker, T Wilkins 12-23; A Tredgett, M King, W Turner, M Borst 22-18; J Lewis, D Lever, C Turner, B Daniels 18-21; D Bridgeman, J Green, B Hague, E Stribling 18-21; P Chew, K Hutton, M Wall, N Brimson 28-13.

It would appear that we have to thank Norman Brimson and his other three for gaining 11 shots over the last three ends.

Town Gardens Swindon were the visitors in a six-rink mixed friendly, in which Swindon won 113-110: M Smith, M Savage, M King, J Mason 31-6; A Smith, J Chew, C Turner, T Wilkins 19-21; J Lewis, W Turner, S Burnand, M Borst 21-18; B Barber, D Pound, D Mountford, W Limpus 9-23; A Appleby, D Jamieson, D Bridgeman, A Capon 14-29; R Tallent, J Green, P Harvie, D Limpus 16-16.

Our Bonanza on Bank Holiday was considered hard work by all the club members who tended the stalls and made the day a great success.

Bert Hague was a little anxious when the weather was rather overcast, but the numbers attending were comparable to other years, and as at this moment, it appears about �3,300 has been raised.

Of the three County Over 50s games scheduled two were played, whilst very heavy rained stopped play for the third.

The week started off with an away match against Crediton, where one triple rink was lost and one won. The winning rink was: Pat Prichard, Dreda Taylor, Jill Bishop 25-8.

The next match, also away, was against Belmont. Again one triple rink won and one lost. The best rink here was: Christa Turner, Mary Smith, Dreda Taylor 26-8. Congratulations - more points to be added to the League Table.

Friendly Match: the only friendly match was against Shaldon. An extremely windy day didn't help the home side and Sidmouth lost on two rinks and drew on the third. Best rink: Betty Farmer, Mary Bristow, Dreda Taylor 17-17.

Most rounds leading to the in-house finals have been played and the Sidmouth Ladies currently involved in their Final Days, Sept 3-5. Good luck everyone - enjoy your bowls!

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